Week’s Best – State of American Workplace Report | 9 HR Trends | The Real Key to Happiness

Welcome to our week of February 25th blog …

It was a big week for HR, as Gallup unveiled its new State of the American Workplace report.  The report contains findings from their massive study of American employees, and details the state of workplace engagement – an enlightening study.  You can click the link above to go straight to the report, register and download it – think you’ll find it enlightening.

Also in HR, SHRM posted 9 HR Trends for 2017 … and, an informative article on ‘How Intelligent Machines are Changing HR Recruiting,’ which introduces you to several new auto-bots that are improving efficiency – definitely worth a read if you are in HR.

In Sales & Marketing, Entrepreneur posted The 5 Laws of Advertising and Marketing that Haven’t Changed in a Half Century.  The article covers the principles that form the foundation for all good marketing campaigns – a good read … and, we believe that video is one of this year’s Top 4 trends for business.  Social Media Examiner’s 3 Ways to Use Video for Business provides a few helpful ideas that may get your company started in the right direction.

In Leadership, Tim Sackett’s article How Small Business Can Win Top Talent focuses on the advantages small and mid-size companies have in the recruiting wars against larger companies.  In this tight job market, every advantage is key; his article may help you adjust your approach to recruiting.

Stressed for time?  In Productivity, Harvard Business Review published 3 Ways to Get More Done Now , an article that highlights a few simple ways to eliminate the distractions that rob one’s ability to focus … and, ; a reminder that just understanding how to use all the rapidly changing technology is not enough to make campaigns succeed … Inc.’s Psychology Says This is the Most Important Contributor to Happiness, and It’s Not What You Think contains helpful information about the most important contributors to employee engagement.  The article’s point is supported by several other recent studies, including Gallup’s new ‘State of the American Workplace’ study we cited earlier in this post.


And, in Technology, Inc.’s John Brandon gushes about a Cool New Weather App that claims to improve your mood and productivity.  APP-arently the Sunshine app is the real deal; according to the author, he tried it for a month and found it improved his mood … sounds too good to be true; wonder if he’s an investor.

Enjoy Your Weekend.

Week’s Best – New #1 Reason Candidates Choose Jobs | Labor Pick Acosta and Business | How to Retire Rich

Donald Trump’s cabinet is slowly being filled.  Former Labor pick, Andrew Puzder, withdrew his nomination on the eve of confirmation hearings; but, new pick, FIU Law Dean Alexander Acosta, is reported to be highly qualified and respected by both parties.  You can learn more about Acosta, and what he may mean to business in the story from SHRM.

To get caught up on the rapid changes in the marketplace, read Fast Company’s post on the Top 50 Most Innovative Companies

Cyber Security is considered a top issue in 2017.  Last week, we highlighted an article in Forbes, Why Cyber Security Should Be the Biggest Concern in 2017, from a professional hacker that revealed the problems hackers are posing for small and mid-size companies.  This week, Entrepreneur posted The Major Data Breaches, Ranked by State – that reinforces the claims.  I don’t want to spoil for you where Florida is ranked, but it’s pretty high on the list …

In HR, SHRM posted two articles about trends in HR: Recruiting Gets Smart with AI reveals some of the impressive ways artificial intelligence is making the finding of top talent more effective and efficient ; and, there’s a new #1 in town when it comes to reasons job applicants select an offer; and, it’s not salary or benefits, though both are important. Learn about this trend in Candidates Choose Jobs Because Of Company Culture.

The House voted to Halt Government-Run IRAs for Small Business, a trend that had been endorsed by the Obama administration, but opposed for a variety of reasons by those in the business community. Learn more about the issue and its potential impact in this article from SHRM … Most people don’t know that they can lose 50% of their retirement savings in penalties if they don’t withdraw funds in time. Read Slavic 401k’s post, Avoid This 50% Hit to Your Retirement Savings to become informed on the subject, and to learn how to avoid the penalties.

This could be the year E-Verify becomes national law, according to a recent article in SHRM.  Iowa senator Charles Grassley introduced the bill to the Senate this week, and there seems to be enough support in both houses, and the White House, to make it a national mandate.  Up until this time it had been voluntary.

In Leadership, Justin Bariso’s Science says This One Thing Will Make You a Better Boss, Spouse and Parent  presents the results of studies on the importance of genuine praise – a topic we’ve covered before, but that warrants a re-visit because of its significant, and highly cost-effective impact on employee engagement and personal relationships.

In Productivity, Inc. posted an article from NY Times #1 Best Selling author, Tony Robbins, on How to Retire Rich, one of this week’s most popular posts.  His 4 main points are the result of dozens of interviews with those who have achieved their goal of retiring wealthy – worth a look … and, if you’re having a rough day, Entrepreneur‘s Rough Day?  Exercise and Sleep are the Best Ways to Shake It Off points out the most effective ways to handle difficult days, according to scientific research.

In Trends, Facebook is moving into TV and Video programming, and this week announced that it is moving into Job Postings, too – that article from Recode … and, Engadget reports that you may see the first Driverless Flying Passenger Vehicle in Dubai this summer.

Also in Trends, Geoffrey James posted that email remains one of the most important marketing trends for 2017 … but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its issues.  We’ll leave you today with a brief video that illustrates some of the frustrations we have all felt at times … enjoy!



2017’s Compliance Issues Reveal the Need for Small Business Owners to Get Some Relief:  Drive By ADA Lawsuits, 70% Increase in OSHA Fines and Penalties, and 100% increases in poster penalties, too.  We’re not even discussing ACA, FLMA, EEOC – you get it.

The Trump administration has promised some relief from business regulations with the President’s 2 for 1 executive order, but you won’t see much in 2017, and the reality is that compliance will continue to devour your time and resources – and there are new issues weekly.

Why go through all the hassle?  Partner with STAFFLINK instead.  We’ll handle all your compliance issues for you.  We’re on top of all the continual changes.  Go back to doing what you love to do, and let us serve you; our goal is to make you successful – it’s a trend for small and mid-size companies that Business Pundit and others have recently reported.

Let STAFFLINK handle your compliance issues. Our goal is to make you successful … spend your time building your company, and let us handle the time-consuming HR issues.

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Week’s Best – Trump Halts Fiduciary Rule | 2017 is Cyber Security’s Year | 5 Things Causing Burnout

Welcome to week 3 in the Trump administration.

Donald Trump’s executive orders continue: This week, President Trump blocked the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule for further study.  The rule had been scheduled to phase in beginning in April.  According to Investopedia, the rule demands that advisors act in the best interests of their clients, and put their clients’ interests above their own, leaving no room for advisors to conceal potential conflicts of interest.  It also states that all fees and commissions must be clearly disclosed in dollar form to clients.  In addition, the new rule adds brokers, financial planners, insurance agents and financial salespersons to the fiduciary level, increasing their financial accountability.  Formerly, these individuals were protected as long as they provided ‘suitable’ investments; now, however, with the new rule, they are legally obligated to put their client’s best interests first.  The new rule could therefore eliminate many commission structures that govern the industry.


However, there is some concern that the new rule may actually be hindering employees from receiving advice and assistance with their retirement investments; therefore, the executive order delays the rule until an ‘economic and legal analysis’ can be performed … At STAFFLINK, we believe fiduciary protection is vital.  We encourage you to review the STAFFLINK 401k for your company because it provides the fiduciary protections you need.  You can watch a brief video that outlines six advantages of the plan, including its fiduciary protection, at the end of today’s post.

In Risk, Forbes posted a story entitled, “Why Cybersecurity Should be the Biggest Concern of 2017.”  Written by a professional hacker, the article outlines the growing threat to business owners. The day after that post, it was disclosed that a Dallas hospital was fined 3.2 million dollars for HIPAA violations due to a security breach.

You can find some very helpful tips on protecting your company b7 reading our STAFFLINK blog post on the subject.

In Benefits, NerdWallet published an excellent article on the differences between FSA and HSA savings accounts, used, in part, to help employees deal with high out-of-pocket deductible expenses.  The post provides a simple comparison of the different features of both plans, making it easy for you to choose the right one for your company.

In Management, the Business Pundit posted How to Decide if You Should Outsource Your HR – a story about the trend among small and mid-size businesses to outsource their HR to PEOs.  The article provides a checklist that may make it easy to consider whether outsourcing your own company’s HR to a PEO makes sense for you; if it does, please contact STAFFLINK for a proposal so you can compare our services.
In Trends, Fast Company published the Top 3 Non-Profit Jobs of the Future. Of course, Data Scientist is one, but you may have a problem guessing the other two.  The article provides information that may help you plan for the future regardless of your ‘profit’ or ‘non-profit’ status.
In Productivity, Inc.’s Amy Marin posted 4 Brain Exercises Champions Use to Build Mental Strength – an article about reaching your peak peformance … and, Christina DesMarais posted 11 Ways the Most Successful People Differ from Everyone Else, an article we dubbed, ‘The Success Formula.’  The post contains the daily personal productivity habits highly successful leaders have in common – a good read if you are looking for reliable information on this subject.
Lifehacker published a story that helps make the case against the open office in Why You Need Less Noise for Work and Your Health … and, Fast Company highlights the serious problem of workforce burnout, something we touched upon last week in another article.  This post identifies the 5 Things Causing Employee Burnout, and reveals what some companies are doing to prevent it.
Enjoy Your Weekend.

Week’s Best – Trump Slashes Regs | Job Growth Crushes | Workforce Burnout Epidemic

This first week of February is starting out as eventful as the month of January.

The most recent jobs report shows The Strongest Job Growth in 10 Years, according to today’s story in TLNT … Donald Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch, by all accounts a highly qualified jurist, to the Supreme Court; but the nomination promised to be a battle royale, not because of his qualifications, but due to the highly charged political environment.  Whatever your politics, it appears Gorsuch will be a strong pick for small business – that story from our CNN Money … and, SHRM reveals that experts are forecasting a 3.2% increase in salaries for 2017.

President Trump also signed more executive orders (seven to date); some of which, like the Muslim immigration ban, created significant controversy.  By comparison, though, Barack Obama signed 276 executive orders while president, including nine in his first two weeks; several of which were also politically controversial (Guantanamo Bay?).  The Daily Signal believes Trump’s executive order calling for a 75% decrease in business regulations may provide a strong boost to small business

In HR,  Glassdoor posted The Top 50 Jobs in America … and, the Fundera Blog published, 16 Small Business Regulations You Need-to-Know – a very good resource worth downloading … The IRS reminded business owners to beware of the W2 Phishing Scam that uses internal employee names to request W2 information.

Two stories about employee engagement made our list this week:  first, several publications reported on Kraft-Heinz’s decision to forego buying a Super Bowl Ad this year, and give their employees a paid holiday instead. We liked the Daily Dot’s version of the story because it included last year’s Super Bowl Ad, which was a real dog (sorry) … and, we posted Daniel Pink’s Classic TED talk, The Puzzle of Motivation.  The talk is 18 minutes, but well worth the time investment.

In Sales & Marketing, Business News Daily posted a story, “What is an Elevator Pitch?”  The article explains the important of the pitch, and offers some helpful tips for creating a great one.

In Productivity, SHRM posted a story on The Workforce Burnout Epidemic.  The article reveals some of the symptoms and causes of serious employee disengagement.  On this issue, MindTools’s article, How to Avoid Burnout, provides a very good understanding of what causes burnout, how it differs from stress, and what can be done to prevent and deal with it – highly recommended.

Well, it’s Super Bowl weekend, and Houston is this year’s home of the event … we would be amiss if we didn’t include one of the best Super Bowl commercials this year – especially relevant in light of all the recent controversy about our neighbors to the south …

Enjoy your weekend, and the Super Bowl …