As we approach Memorial Day, the president’s new budget has arrived and includes 6 weeks paid parental leave – that story from SHRM.

The Miami Herald reports that South Florida has become the New #1 for Startups in the U.S., passing Austin, Texas, last year’s leader … the Department of Labor is scheduling June 9 as the start date for the agencies’ new Fiduciary rule.  Forbes reports that it’s a rule without consequences at the present time …

Also in HR, SHRM reports that OSHA has Delayed its New Electronic Reporting Rule … and,  the HR Daily Advisor reports that the Supreme Court let stand a rule that requires employers to include ‘opt out’ employee benefit payments as part of overtime pay calculations.  The case involved the city of San Gabriel, California and its overtime compensation to city employees.

In Sales & Marketing, two stories are blog worthy this week: first, Entrepreneur posted a brief video of tips from six highly successful entrepreneurs about ‘Closing the Deal‘; and, Small Business Trends published ‘4 Reasons Why Your Sales Calls Fail‘ – an article that could also be entitled ‘4 Ways to Improve Sales Call Success.’

In Productivity, Inc. contributor Marla Tabaka asks the question, “Are You Too Attached to Your Goals?”  She posits that wisely detaching from them is the 1 Thing (You Can Do) to Immediately Become Happier, Healthier, and More Successful.  Her article does not degrade goal setting, merely encourages a healthier view about the goals we set – an interesting read.

Monday is Memorial Day, the day Americans take time to remember and reflect on the the men (and women) who died defending our freedom. Freedom is never free; it is bought and paid for by those who have given the ultimate sacrifice of their lives defending it.

To all of you, and to your families, we at STAFFLINK express our deepest respect and honor you to you today, and every day.  Yours is a debt none of us can ever repay.

All of us at STAFFLINK salute you.


The Excellent Broward Job Market … Fighting Ransomware … the Death of the Open Office … 5 High Productivity Morning Habits … the Feds Nix Small Business plans … and, the best Video Ad of the Week, ‘Love Story – these are this week’s top Small Business stories.

The Sun-Sentinel reported that 82% of Employers in Broward County are Hiring, but many report having a hard time finding qualified applicants …

Last week, Business Insider published the story about the 22-year old self-taught British man who ‘Saved the World from the Global Malware Virus.’  But most small business owners don’t know that 43% of all cyber attacks are targeted at small organizations.  SHRM’sHow to Protect Yourself from Ransomware‘ provides important information that will help protect your company.  And, Small Business Trends’7 Types of Cyber Attacks Threatening Your Small Business‘ reveals the types of attacks you need to guard against.  STAFFLINK has created a free download that will keep you current on 2017’s Risk Trends, including Cyber Attacks.  Simply click the link above, fill out the very brief form, and download.


In HR, SHRM reported that the Feds Nix Small Business Plans (Obamcare ‘SHOP’ Plans).  The article explains why the government is taking the step, and explains the alternatives being created designed to help small business owners provide better care and benefit from tax incentives …

Inc. published an article about a huge new study that reveals ‘Open Office Floor Plans are Killing Productivity.’  We reported about the death of the open office floor plan in our 2017 HR TRENDS Toolkit.  Expect them slowly to go the way of the retail mall …

In Productivity,  Time Management Ninja published 5 Simple Morning Habits That Increase Productivity – a user-friendly guide with proven recommendations.

Though we like to leave you, as  a rule, with something humorous, interesting and business related, today we’re going to show you the Top Rated International Web Ad of the Week.  This Ad, called ‘Love Story,’ was produced in Spanish by Young and Rubicam for the Mexican market, with English sub-titles.  It’s an important issue about which all parents should be informed, especially here in south Florida.





Small Business Week – May 12 –

Aetna Leaving Obamacare in 2018 … Weebly’s New Approach to Employee Burnout … 7 Cyber Attacks Threatening Your Business … The High Costs of a Bad Hire … and, What You Should Know About the New Comp Time, Overtime Rule – these are the week’s top small business posts.

In the NewsAetna announced it is leaving the Obamacare exchange in 2018 as their financial losses escalate … and, on Friday we witnessed a global cyber attack that affected 99 countries at last count. We told you in our 2017 STAFFLINK HR Trends Toolkit that cyber security is the major risk issue facing business owners this year.  Download a copy for your company – it’s free.  Small Business Trends‘7 Cyber Attacks Threatening Your Business Right Now‘ provides you a practical guide to the kind of attacks facing your company.  Read this article so you can protect yourself.

In HR, two recruiting articles may help you focus more attention on the process you use to attract and retain talent:  SHRM posted ‘The Astronomical Costs of a Bad Hire‘ … and Entrepreneur published ‘5 Hiring Pre-Tests to Help You Make the Right Hire.’  Of course, the best way to insure you hire right is to contact STAFFLINK.  We help companies attract and retain top talent.  Call us at +1(210)495-1171 … SHRM also published the IRS’ New 2018 HSA Limits.

Employee Burnout is becoming a major problem, but companies like Weebly are taking a wanderlust approach to it.  Find out what they are doing to improve engagement in Inc.’s article … and, Entrepreneur’sData-Driven’ Approach to Employee Engagement and Retention reveals research that shows just how important attention to the employee experience is regarding your company’s growth and profitability.

In Leadership, Harvard Business Review posted ‘Level 5 Leadership’ – a classic article that identifies the two paradoxical traits leaders must possess if a company can move from mediocre to great.  The article reveals the findings of a 5 year study on the subject that surprised even its authors.

In Productivity, Inc.’s The 5 Daily Choices the Smartest People Make takes a look decisions and mental approaches that increase your chances to succeed, and lead a higher quality of life.

May 7-13 is ‘Hurricane Preparedness Week.  We provided you a checklist for your company in our linkedin post this week.

In Trends, one of the most popular viral videos in the world this week focused on what humans will look like in 1,000 years … we leave you with the video, and with STAFFLINK’s wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers who have invested their lives into the love and nurturing of someone else.

Enjoy your weekend.

Small Business Week – The American Health Care Act | 20 Habits of High Achievers | 8 Exercise Benefits for Your Brain

Today’s May 5 Small Business week features a look at the Obamacare repeal and its replacement, The American Health Care Act … a study about the detrimental effects of managers that don’t praise employees … 8 surprising benefits of exercise on your brain … 20 daily habits high achievers credit with their success … 4 habits that can help you end procrastination … and, some tips to help you avoid illegal unpaid internships.

In the News, President Trump’s efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare got a strong start yesterday as the House passed the American Health Care Act.  Read SHRM’s post to learn how it differs from Obamacare, and what’s next …

In HR,  Entrepreneur published a very helpful article for business owners, The Basics of Employee Benefits, that outlines what’s required, what’s optional, and what’s good policy when it comes to benefit packages.  The article is a great primer.  Contact STAFFLINK if you’re looking to add benefits to your company – we’ll save you time and money … SHRM published a post entitled, Employers: Is Your Unpaid Internship Program Illegal?‘  If you’re considering an internship program, review the article to create a program that will keep you out of trouble … SHRM also posted ‘Past Hiring Checks are Critical to the Hiring Process,’ an article that reveals the what and how of effective background checks.

Harvard Business Review published the findings of a study that reveals ‘Why Managers Avoid Giving Praise.’  The article also reports on the detrimental effects that occur when managers neglect to praise employees … on the positive side, HBR also published ‘How to Be an Inspiring Leader‘ – the findings of a 2,000 person study by consulting giant Bain & Company …

In Personal Productivity, Business Insider’s8 Surprising Ways Exercise Benefits Your Brain‘ takes a look at the many ways exercise improves your emotional well-being – take a look … Inc. published ‘20 Simple Daily Habits High Achievers Credit with Their Success’ … and, Quora posted ‘Harness These 4 Habits to Solve Your Procrastination Problem.’  The post digs into the reasons we procrastinate, and provides some common sense solutions that may make you more productive quickly …

In Trends, Elon Musk delivered an enlightening Ted Talk recently about the future of transportation. You can find a video that shows you his new ‘Boring Company’ project here … and, we’ll close this post with a look at one of the best TV Ads of the week – an Ad from Nespresso, the coffee machine company, that takes a look back in time.

Enjoy Your Weekend.