November 24, 2017

CyberSecurity Secrets | Achieving Excellence | Blockchain in HR

This Week: Cybersecurity | Achieving Excellence  | Gratitude  | Blockchain in HR | Talent Retention  | Form 5500 Series  | Tightened Visa Rules

StaffLink’s Week Ending November 17 Highlights: In small business news this week, cybersecurity was again on our minds. We also take a look at tips for achieving excellence and the importance of gratitude. And, in HR we found interesting tidbits about using blockchain technology as well as talent acquisition and retention. On the regulatory front, 2017’s Form 5500 Series documents are available for review and visa work rules are tightening for foreign workers.  

Let’s Talk About Cybersecurity

In The Key to Better Cybersecurity: Keep Employee Rules Simple, Harvard Business Review’s Maarten Van Horenbeeck says hackers aren’t the biggest threat to your company’s data, your employees are.

When security protocols are complex, employees tend to cut corners. To encourage employees to follow the rules and not fall victim to phishing attacks, make cybersecurity rules easy to follow and keep the lines of communication about security open.

Of course, sometimes hackers are to blame for a security breach. Just ask Uber. Although, you might not get an answer.

In Uber paid $100K ransom after 57M accounts were hacked, the New York Post’s Ruth Brown fills us in on the details of an October 2016 hack that left riders and drivers vulnerable. Why are we just hearing about this incident now? Apparently Uber is better at keeping its corporate flubs secret than it is at protecting users’ personal data.

This Week’s Secrets of Success

When it comes to discovering the secrets of success, there is no shortage of advice. Harvard Business Review’s Paul Leinwand and Joachim Rotering added to that collection this week with How to Excel at Strategy and Execution. While only 8% of business leaders bring high levels of both strategy and execution skills to the table, the authors suggest that this silo approach is coming to an end.

The Benefits of Gratitude

Want to enjoy more personal success and happiness? Try an attitude of gratitude.  As is traditional during the week of Thanksgiving, several publications have stepped up to remind us that there is real science backing the benefits of gratitude. Inc. contributor Bill Murphy, Jr. offers his take in Want to Be Happier and Healthier? Science Says Start By Making a Gratitude List.

Will Blockchain be the Key to Procuring, Protecting, and Paying Employees?

Blockchain has the potential to transform HR practices from payroll processing to storage and retention of personally identifiable information, writes SHRM’s Dave Zielinski in Is HR Ready for Blockchain Technology? In his article, Zielinski offers readers a quick overview of the technology as well as its potential applications in HR. 

Benefits May Be the Secret to Employee Happiness

As the market for top talent remains tight, employers need to pull out all the stops to keep their best employees. What to do? Focus on fun, food, flexibility and finances Forbes’ Zack Friedman tells us in Think Like a Startup: 4 New Employee Benefits to Attract and Retain Talent.

No Respite From Regulation

Sure, it was Thanksgiving week, and many of us took a little time off to be with family and friends. But that didn’t stop the government from sending HR teams some homework. Monday opened with a U.S. Department of Labor press release announcing that advance copies of the Form 5500 annual report for 2017 were available for review. The DOL press release notes that these copies are for information only. Don’t try to file your return using them.  But, they do tell you what to expect.

Will Visa Restrictions Benefit U.S. Workers?

Remember those benefits that Zack Friedman wrote about? If you are competing to hire tech employees, you may need all of them. Inc.’s Emily Canal reported this week that The Trump Administration Tightens Rules in Worker Visa Program, Making it Harder for Businesses to Hire Foreign Employees.

Snowed In

The holiday season is in full tilt, and this British ad captures the essence of the season, as well as ‘Best Ad in the World’ this week.