April 7, 2017

April 7 – SMALL BUSINESS WEEK – Leadership Gap | 6 Sales Tips | Best Time to Exercise

A new Supreme Court justice; a raid on a Syrian airbase; and, the lowest unemployment figures since 2007 – the week of April 7th.

In HR, the Department of Labor  Delayed the Fiduciary Rule … and, SHRM reports that ‘Small Businesses Find I-9 Paperwork Burdensome,’ and that 75% make mistakes on the forms … the Department of Labor is seeking to Help Small Businesses Start Retirement Plans … President Trump has renewed his interest in repealing and replacing Obamacare, and began holding meetings again with the various factions of the Republican party earlier this week …

Recruiting was the focus of several articles this week … Inc. posted ‘4 Behavioral Questions‘ that uncover what a candidate is truly like … SHRM posted an article, ‘Recruitment Marketing No Longer Trendy, but a Necessity,’ that reveals some of the practices now necessary to secure top talent … and, SHRM also posted ‘New Hire Retention a Problem for 90% of Employers‘ – a post that details the difficulty many employers have keeping new recruits.  The article also offers a few tips that can help you avoid the problem.

You can learn about 2017’s recruiting trends, and pick up tips from the best companies, by downloading our 2017 HR TRENDS Toolkit – simply click the link, fill out the two-line form, and DOWNLOAD!

In Sales & Marketing, Entrepreneur’s 6 Sales Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Follow contains advice and insights that can keep you and your sales team focused and productive.

In Productivity, Inc.’s Lolly Daskal recently published a book that details the differences between leaders who succeed; and, those that don’t.  Her article, ‘The Leadership Gap,’ shared findings about the 7 major leadership types and the things that helped individuals with those leadership styles succeed … Also in Inc., Jeff Haden published our highest rated post this week, ‘The Best Time to Exercise for Maximum Weight Loss and Mood Benefits.‘  The article reveals the results of a recent research study in Belgium that tracked individuals who were asked to increase their food intake by 30%, and their fat intake by 50%.  They then tracked people who worked out, didn’t work out, and who worked out at specific times of day.  The results will probably cause you to change the time of day you exercise … and, you can find some helpful tips on improving your mindset in Inc.’s article, ’13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.’

In Trends, the New York Times reports on the U.S. jobs war between robots and citizens in ‘Evidence Robots are Winning the Race for American Jobs.’ But, the Times also posted How to Beat the Robots  – strategy for enabling humans to benefit from automation, and insure long-term job viability.   Both articles provide insightful evidence that automation is coming to most corners of the American economy.

We leave you with one of the world’s best TV ads this week from the Leo Burnett Agency in North Africa and the Middle East.  Their ‘Two for One Campaign’ for DU Telecomm was designed to encourage moviegoers to bring a friend; and, their humorous new ad, ‘The Man Sitting Next to You’ gets viewers to understand the potential benefits of attending movies with someone they know – and trust.  The campaign was developed primarily for mobile – one of this year’s biggest trends.

Enjoy the Ad, and your weekend.