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This Week: Networking for Success | Take Home Pay Statistics | Free 2017 Compliance Guide | Guns in the Workplace

STAFFLINK’s Week Ending October 6 Highlights: This week STAFFLINK takes a look at expanding your network, stretching your dollar, your rights and compliance responsibilities as an employer, and offers help for handling your compliance issues.

Networking isn’t an event.

So says Inc. contributor Nicolas Cole In The 1 Networking Rule 99 Percent of People Are Afraid to Follow, but Should. Cole tells us that effective networking involves casual gatherings among friends, not scheduled events with name tags. By building friendships, you’ll form relationships with people who want to help you instead of those just hoping to make a sale.  You can gain a few more tips by reading the article.

Money in the bank.

This week, in Here’s how much money you actually take home from a $75,000 salary depending on where you live,  Business Insider examined what it really means to earn $75,000 a year from city to city.  Using SmartAsset’s paycheck calculator, BI’s reporters found that after federal, state, and local taxes are deducted some paychecks are as much as 12% lighter than others. 

Can your employee bring a gun to work?

As this week’s tragic event in Las Vegas revealed, violence can happen anywhere. Are you wondering what your obligations are as an employer when it comes to protecting employees and maintaining a safe workplace? There may be limits to what you can do, depending on your state’s laws. 

In Guns at the Workplace, the Practical Law Company details the issues small business owners should consider when defining their on-site gun possession and other workplace safety policies.

Your Small Business Backup System:

For small businesses, keeping track of compliance with state, federal, and local laws can be a hassle. Fortunately, simple affordable compliance help is just a click away. To get started, visit our blog and register to download your free copy of Stafflink’s 2017 Compliance Companion today.

You can also watch this video to learn more about what STAFFLINK can do for you.



This Week: The Trump Tax Plan | Obamacare Costs Rise | DOJ and the ADA | Air Taxis

STAFFLINK’s Week Ending September 29 Highlights: This week, the long awaited tax plan arrived; healthcare premiums and student loan debts are rising; and the DOJ says no to another regulation. Plus, some tried and tested time management tips, and a new way to travel.

Worth waiting for?

President Trump’s promised tax plan is here and Bob Bryan is sharing the details at Business Insider. See the full text or read Bryan’s highlights in IT’S HERE: All the details of Trump’s massive tax plan. Will you owe more or less if the plan comes to pass? Break out those calculators and call your accountant!  Spoiler – small businesses really seem to like it. 


Can we deduct that?

Florida residents may be looking for a tax break after seeing their updated healthcare premiums. The Miami Herald’s Daniel Chang reports the bad news in Obamacare premiums in Florida to rise 45 percent on average next year.


It’s not avocado toast.

Millennials Would Stay at a Company 36 Percent Longer if It Offered This 1 Benefit writes Melanie Curtin for Inc. What would it take to keep your millennial staff from jumping ship? Here’s a hint: Those diplomas aren’t cheap.

This generation of employees is entering the workforce with 20 years worth of loan repayment weighing them down. A survey of the Benefit Preferences of College-educated Millennials says that employers who help lighten this load will win the competition for talent.


Time waits for no man.

In Entrepreneur this week, R.L. Adams shares 15 Time Management Tips for Achieving Your Goals. These tips have stood the test of time and can help you get control of yours.


DOJ dodges.

Website accessibility for individuals covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act has been a contentious topic for several years with courts hearing hundreds of cases on the issue. Don’t expect the lawsuits to end anytime soon as the DOJ Halts Plan to Create Website Accessibility Regulations.  In fact, the halt helps protect small business owners from the rapid rise in ‘website accessibility lawsuits’ – an ADA abuse where unscrupulous attorneys file hundreds of lawsuits against small business owners, often unfamiliar with the regulations, in an attempt to settle out of court for thousands of dollars.  

Website accessibility is important; the rise in ADA serial lawsuits is abuse.  Perhaps the government can find a better way.

The autonomous air taxi has arrived.

In Dubai, an autonomous drone will pick you up and ferry you through the air to your destination. Finally, we get George’s Commute!

See for yourself:


STAFFLINK’S BLOG – SEPT 22 – Future of Work | HR and the Equifax Breach | Healthcare Battle

This week we take a look at McKinsey & Co.’s thoughts on the future, tips for securing your employee data following the Equifax breach, and Congress’s latest attempt to pass a healthcare bill. Also, it’s time to use the new Form I-9. Plus, scientists’ tips for happiness.

What the future holds: This month’s McKinsey Quarterly included the McKinsey & Co.’s advice on Getting Ready for the Future of Work. Their take– as automation and artificial intelligence continues to encroach on traditionally human job roles, lifetime learning and willingness to pivot will determine individual success. In the future, flexibility and agility will trump fixed skills.

What HR teams need to know after the Equifax incident: HR teams will need all the agility they can muster to stay one step ahead of identity thieves following the recent Equifax breach. Human Resource Executive Online’s George LaRocque explains why employers’ dependence on static identifiers (including social security numbers and other personal identifying information) to manage payroll and benefits leaves them vulnerable and what they can do about it in HR’s Role After the Equifax Breach.

Start using the new I-9 form: The deadline to begin using the new Form I-9 has passed. As of September 18, 2017, employers should be using the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service’s (USCIS) revised Form I-9 for new hires. In Time to Start Using New Form I-9, SHRM’s Roy Maurer details what’s changed on the form and where employers can learn more.

The Affordable Care Act is in the crosshairs again: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Congress seems to be taking this advice to heart as they work to meet a September 30 repeal and replace deadline. Employers Advised to Stay Tuned as Another Healthcare Bill Heats Up, reads the headline for HR Daily Advisor’s article by Tammy Binford reporting the details of this latest healthcare bill.

Finding happiness isn’t as hard as you think: Inc. contributor Marcel Schwantes tells us how easy it is in 3 New Things Science Say You Should Do to Become Happy. The big reveal? Don’t worry be happy and enjoy the ride. If you don’t find your zen in chill, try Jeff Haden’s The 6 High Performance Habits Only Extraordinary People Share, Backed by Science instead.

Speaking of the future of work and HR, one thing applicants can do is avoid some of these ‘worst’ real interview answers ever – from the LinkedIn archives.  Enjoy.

STAFFLINK Small Business – Sept 15 – Hurricane Irma HR Tips – Equifax, CyberSecurity & Small Business …

This Week:  StaffLink Offices Open for Business | Handling the Hurricane Aftermath | Epic Equifax Security Fail

StaffLink’s Week Ending September 15 Highlights: Natural and manmade disasters were the focus of much of the nation’s attention this week. Here are some of the week’s top stories about picking up the pieces.  

StaffLink Resumes Full Operations:  Hurricane Irma and its aftermath took many businesses offline or out of service, including STAFFLINK. We are now back and running at full capacity and ready to assist our customers. Call us if you need anything! Our President, Abram Finkelstein shared this message on Thursday, announcing the good news and offering some tips on how to prepare for future storms.

Get Ready, America! wants to help you prepare for whatever the future brings, too. Check out their Business Checklist for hurricane preparedness to get started.

Irma Response Includes Insurance Holds and a Few Breaks From the IRS: This week, Florida Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier issued an emergency order temporarily prohibiting rate increases and policy cancellations by Florida insurers. The Sun Sentinel shared the details and a response from Jeff Grady of the Florida Association of Insurance Agents in its article, State Freezes Insurance Rate Hikes and Cancellations During Hurricane Irma Recovery.

Also this week, in Agencies Give Tax Filing and 401(k) Withdrawal Relief to Hurricane Irma Victims, SHRM reported that the IRS is extending filing and payment deadlines and relaxing some 401(k) lending and distribution requirements to aid businesses and individuals affected by the hurricanes.

Equifax’s Failure to Protect:

In the midst of struggling with nature’s devastation, over 1.4 million individuals and business owners also had to face a manmade catastrophe. TheNextWeb reported the details last Friday in 143 Million US Consumers’ Data Stolen in Equifax Breach. Want to find out if you were affected by the breach? Check your status at Equifax using this link.

The Equifax breach is in part the result of terrible password choices at the company that were easy to hack.  So, this might be a good time to review your passwords. But before you do, read 7 Passwords Not to Use at Your Small Business courtesy of The HartfordView via Inc. (Hint: “Admin” is not an appropriate password.)

An HR’s Work Never Ends: From overtime rules to FEMA guidelines, HR teams have some catching up to do as work resumes. Following a recent court ruling, SHRM asks (and discusses) What’s Next for the Federal Overtime Rule?

Speaking of court rulings, SHRM looked at a case involving the Family and Medical Leave Act to help answer the question, Are Employees Eligible for FMLA Leave During a Natural Disaster? As you probably guessed, the answer is “It’s complicated.”

Florida Recovers and Rebuilds:

Facing hot temperatures, wild weather and ‘gators,’ Floridians are a resilient bunch. As this week’s video demonstrates, the Keys were especially hard hit, but the recovery effort is already under way. 


To all of our valued clients:

I hope that you and your families all weathered Hurricane Irma with minimal damage to your homes and businesses.

I am happy to report that StaffLink Outsourcing, Inc. has returned to full operation and is back to business as usual in the aftermath of the storm. We would like to thank everyone affected for their cooperation in our efforts to finalize payrolls before the hurricane, to ensure that there was minimal impact on your businesses and employees.  For those who have not solidified an Emergency Preparedness Plan with StaffLink, please connect with your Payroll Specialist and communicate what you would like us to do in the event you are unable to contact us during an emergency.

As you know delivery of live checks during some emergencies are a challenge.  Currently, all of the delivery services are attempting to get back to normal service.  The courier service is working on a skeletal crew and FEDEX will resume limited pick up service today.  For those of you that still receive paper checks, now is a great time to reconsider initiating paperless payroll!  Please contact Deborah Stewart or your assigned Payroll representative to discuss taking advantage of our paperless payroll service.  You can also ask about our free Paycard for your employees without a bank account.

Once again, please resume normal communications with StaffLink.  All departments are fully operational and waiting to assist you.

Thank you for your business and for your patience during these challenging times.

Very truly yours,

Abram Finkelstein, President

Ph  (954) 423-8262 Fx  (954) 423-8263


This Week:  Social Media Trends to Watch | Habits of Top Sales Earners | Harvey Lessons and in Pictures

Stafflink’s Best of the Week for the Week Ending September 1: This edition features a view of what the future holds for social media including a review of LinkedIn’s new video feature, a look at the habits that make a salesperson rich, a compliance update from the EEOC, and a look at the people and places affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Video, Chat Bots, and Analytics, Oh My!

2018 has lots of changes in store for businesses that use social media. That’s what John Hall of Influence & Co. tells Inc. readers in his article, 6 Social Media Trends to Prepare for in 2018. Hall predicts that better analytics tools will be developed to meet marketers’ need to justify their investments in social media marketing. And, platforms will continue to offer similar features in a quest to capture those marketing dollars.

Some of these changes are already starting to take shape at LinkedIn. This August, LinkedIn began allowing video posts for members. Now users can post video snippets from webinars, product presentations, or their personal observations in their LinkedIn feed.

Is your business ready to leverage video marketing? What will you show the world?
How do they do that?

Have you ever wondered what those top earning salespeople do to make the magic happen? Entrepreneur says those salespeople who make the most focus on making the most. Guest contributor Marc Wayshak writes that wealthy salespeople got that way by concentrating their activities on only those tasks that bring in the Benjamins in bulk. Aimin’ for the top and let the rest drop.

In others words, a salesperson’s application of the 80/20 rule.

Wait, What? But Didn’t You Say…

So, first, the EEOC said that employers were going to have to report some additional information on the EEO-1 Form. And, since it might take businesses awhile to adjust, the deadline for filing the EEO-1 was moved from September 30, 2017 to March 31, 2018. Then someone decided to change things.

Don’t worry. The deadline for filing is still March 31, 2018. But employers won’t have to answer the new pay data question that triggered the extension. The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) wants to give that question another look. So the question is suspended, but the new filing deadline remains.

According to this article at SHRM, the new plan is for businesses to fill out the form, leave the new portion blank, and file it in March. (We’ll keep you posted on any additional updates.)

Hurricane Harvey – Tips for Helping Employees Deal with Loss
It may take our nation years to fully assess the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.  The New York Times’ collection, Harvey in Pictures, shows us both the power of the storm and the strength of the people who faced it as they begin their recovery.  Employers can have a huge impact on the lives of employees during catastrophes.  SHRM’s article, ‘How to Support Employees Through Grief & Loss‘ provides helpful insights for when calamity strikes here in south Florida.



This Week: Modern Leadership Skills | Habits of the 1% | Modern Workplace Drug Testing | and the Smartphone Generation

Stafflink’s Best of the Week for the Week Ending August 25: This week we take a look at the characteristics of exceptional leaders and the 1%, how employers can handle employee drug testing, and the effects of always-on technology on our kids.

Defining a new generation of leaders.

The ability to play well with others may take you all the way from the playground to the boardroom. In 9 Reasons Humility is the Key Ingredient to Exceptional Leadership, Entrepreneur contributor Sherrie Campbell explains why.  

Inc. contributor Rhett Power has a few suggestions of his own for making it to the top. He tells us where we’re going wrong in his article, 8 Things the 1% Do That the 99% Don’t.

Will new marijuana laws cause a state of confusion for employers?

Some workplace drug testing is governed by federal law, but most drug testing rules are left to the individual states. As more states propose laws permitting recreational and medical marijuana use, employers may need to rewrite their drug-testing policies. Attorney and human resources specialist Lisa Nagele-Piazza discusses the ramifications of changes in state drug laws in her article for SHRM, An Employee Failed a Drug Test. Now What?

Access to the world but missing their childhoods?

In its September 2017 issue, The Atlantic asks Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? Kids today are more interested in swiping and thumb typing than going out and meeting up. Will it have long-term effects on their emotional and physical health? Some experts believe the damage is already being done.

And for a bit of humor, take a look at this video featuring the easiest drug testing method ever.

August 18 – Top Technology Disruptions | Solar Eclipse at the Office | Minimum Wage & Automation | 85% Lie on Resumes

This Week: Top Technology Disruptions Predicted | Robots put Employees on the Defensive | Honest Resumes are Hard to Find | and a Few Tips for the Eclipse

For better or worse, technology is changing the face of business and employment, researchers learn that nearly everybody lies on their résumé, millions in the U.S. will gather on Monday to watch the sun disappear and a video ad made to inspire.

Who knows what the future holds?

A KPMG survey asked leading tech industry leaders to make some predictions. In 3 Hottest Technologies that Will Change Your Business By 2020, Inc. reveals the survey’s top answers. (Hint: It’s the stuff everyone’s been talking about all year.)

Speaking of the future, advocates for a higher minimum wage believe that raising wages will make workers’ futures brighter. But the Washington Examiner reports that a recent National Bureau of Economic Research study says wage increases might hasten the advancement of automation instead.

Rumors, lies and résumés!

Lots of job applicants may need a good publicist to help repair their reputations if employers believe the findings of HireRight’s 2017 Employment Screening Benchmark Report.’s CEO J.T. O’Donnell shares why 85 percent of job applicants lie and how they can be caught in her recent article for Inc.

Mass Migration of the Human Kind

A huge swath of the U.S. will go dark on Monday as the sun is temporarily eclipsed. It is estimated that at least 200 million people are within a day’s drive of locations where the event can be witnessed. Many will hit the road Monday morning to witness history.

For those staying put, the employment experts at Fisher Phillips remind us that this is an epic event — like March Madness only without the office pools.

They recommend that you plan to go with the flow and expect employees to be distracted. Also, look out for your employees by reminding them to use protective eyewear if they want to view this natural phenomenon.

And… speaking of a phenomenon — Check out this amazing Mo Farrah video produced by Nike. It received ‘Best Ad of the Week’ runner-up internationally this week (no pun intended) from BestAdsonTV.  A two-time distance running Olympic champion, this Brit’s got a lot work behind that infectious smile.


Major implications for medical marijuana … new unemployment lows mean even greater competition for employees … and, how to identify a toxic workplace, and what you can do to improve it.


A recent ruling on medical marijuana has important implications for HR. There are many forces driving the issue, including the huge revenues it creates for states.  You should know The Top 5 Emerging Medical Marijuana Trends, and you’ll find them in this article from Forbes.


The Russia investigation may be capturing the headlines, but the economy is looking statistically better regarding jobs.  In July, the department of labor reported the lowest unemployment in 16 years.  Coupled with last week’s Gallup report that ‘good job’ employment (30 hours+) was at its highest level in recent history, and the workforce is experiencing much needed gains.


A minority of employees report being ‘engaged’ in their employment. That’s a real problem for companies in this tight labor market.  But, what is worse are companies that are considered ‘toxic.’  Marcel Schwantes identifies 7 Traits of Highly Toxic Workplaces, and provides suggestions for improving them … along these lines, 91% of employees report their managers lack one critical communication skill.  Find out what it is, and how to improve it.


Want to make real progress toward your personal goals?  Benjamin Hardy provides insight into how you can get what you want in 60 days – no more excuses.

ONE WAY TO IMPROVE ENGAGEMENT?  IMPROVE YOUR MEETINGS … We leave you with a video that may look a little too familiar.  Are your company’s meetings anything like this?


Employment Challenges, HR Analytics, and Email Endings

Stafflink’s This Week in Small Business for July 31 – August 4: Employment Challenges, HR Analytics, and Email Endings

This week in small business news: Businesses are facing new competition — for employees; HR employs big data to predict employee outcomes; some email tips to help you sign off with style; plus a short video to make you smile.  

Employers seeking new hires may need to up their game.

There was good news for the economy this week as Gallup reported the U.S. July good jobs rate was 47% up from 46.3% in June. Gallup also reported that underemployment and unemployment hit record lows in July.

While that may be good news for wage earners, employers are starting to feel the pinch. As TLNT’s Andrew Graft puts it, “the war for talent is about to go nuclear.”

It’s not just small businesses who are feeling the pinch either, Inc. reports that Amazon’s epic hiring event, Amazon Jobs Day netted just 20,000 applicants to fill an estimated 50,000 openings.

HR looks to big data to vet potential hires and predict the future.

Big data has been all the rage this year with industries from marketing to medicine looking to use data analytics to improve their performance.

Inside companies, HR departments are using big data too. Jasmine Morgan’s article for TLNT, 4 Powerful Applications of Big Data in HR, explains how human resource departments are using big data to manage retention rates, select benefits, and avoid hiring mistakes.

End your email with “Toodles?”

Maybe “Toodles” isn’t the one for you, but surely you’ll find something new to try in this list of 70 email sign-offs from The Muse at Inc. Could “Thanks a Million” be the one for you?

Speaking of email, here’s what WorkFront thinks Email in Real Life would look like. (Be sure to put down your coffee before you hit play.)  

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