5 Habits Kill Leadership | Future of Primary Care? | Drones & HR | Overwhelmed?

GOP Defections Killed the Obamacare Repeal … 5 Habits Kill Leadership … a new primary care model may be the future of healthcare … what HR should know about Drones … and, 3 brain hacks to deal with being overwhelmed.

The GOP seems determined to repeal Obamacare, but 3 GOP senators killed their latest ‘skinny’ bill.  The Hill keeps you posted on daily events regarding the Obamacare repeal – it’s not dead yet.

A new cost efficient primary care model that relies on monthly fees and no insurance is testing well in some parts of the private sector; it may prove to be the future of healthcare.

In leadership, taking credit for an employee’s work is never a good thing.  In fact, it is one of five traits that kill leadership, according to research in a new article in Inc.

Feeling overwhelmed?  You’ll find 3 smart brain hacks that can restore personal organization, peace and control to any situation in Steve Farber’s article in Inc.

More than 800,000 drone licenses have already been issued, and many major industries are integrating drones into their business plans.  But before your company gets into drone usage, you may want to read SHRM’s post, What HR Should Know About Drones.’ 

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STAFFLINK Small Business Update – July 14, 2017 – Workforce and Workplace Stresses | Grammar Matters, and More

This Week

McKinsey Global Institute’s June report reveals a not so sunny outlook on the future of America’s workforce – Harvard Business Review warns us of the perils of burnout – TLNT shares its secrets for building a top performing team – and you can learn how to end your day well and avoid common writing errors too.


McKinsey Global Institute reports that Making it in America is becoming increasingly difficult for some wage earners. There is a growing gap between workers whose incomes support an improving standard of living and those who barely get by.

The report further indicates that U.S. manufacturers have lost their competitive edge and a major restructuring is needed to facilitate a full recovery. McKinsey recommends a reset focusing on reinvesting, retraining, removing barriers, and re-imagining work to turn this tide.

Turning to trends in employment, Harvard Business Review reports that Burnout at Work Isn’t Just About Exhaustion. It’s Also About Loneliness. No, workers aren’t spending too much time alone at work. Instead, they are too tired to engage. Findings indicate that exhausted employees at all levels are pulling back from emotional interaction because of workplace burnout.

What to do about this burgeoning burnout epidemic in the workplace? HBR recommends that employers encourage inclusion and empathy in the workplace, promote opportunities for organizational networking and development, and institute rituals that celebrate teamwork and collaboration.


In 3 Secrets to Building High Performing Teams, TLNT advises empowering high performers and nurturing their potential. Today’s best employees want more than just financial compensation. They want to work in an environment that helps them achieve personal goals and career success.

TLNT also advises hiring managers to take their time when choosing candidates. It is better to wait for the right candidate and experience a little lost productivity today than to choose the wrong hire and endure a lot of lost opportunities tomorrow.


Are grammar mistakes a communications nemesis? You aren’t alone. In 43 Embarrassing Grammar Mistakes Even Smart People Make, Inc. com highlights the top word choice and usage errors that can trip up even a conscientious scribe. For instance, did you know “irregardless” wasn’t a word? If you think you could care less, you’re wrong. You really “couldn’t care less.” And, if you like your coffee brewed strong and served in a tiny cup, that’s an “espresso.” Even if you drink it super fast, it’s still not an “expresso.”

Now that you’ve almost reached the end of this article what will you do to finish out your day? Why not try some of the productivity hacks Entrepreneur has listed in its infographic, How to Spend the Last 10 Minutes of Your Work Day.  Ah, yes, take a deep breath, straighten those paperclips, and say “goodbye.”

But before you go, share a moment of empathy with Jim, Bill and the rest of crew in WS Inet’s video, If Only it Were That Simple. Yeah, if only…


This week, the Department of Labor dropped the FLSA OT Rule Salary Threshold … we got a glimpse of what Amazon is up to from the patent office … we learned the 3 traits that set the best salespeople apart … and research revealed the one exercise that actually helps keep you young.

The Department of Labor dropped their defense of the FLSA OT Rule Salary Threshold, as anticipated, according to HR Daily Advisor.  Expect a new, lower salary threshold to emerge in coming weeks.

Still no word on the Senate’s healthcare bill, as 10 GOP senators have come out openly against the current bill.  In the meantime, SHRM’s ‘How GOP Healthcare Bills Compare to ACA’ provides a good, yet simple analysis of the House and Senate bills in their current form with ACA provisions.

In Sales & Marketing, Entrepreneur’s post, ‘3 Traits of the Best Salespeople, According to Science’ reveals what sets the best apart from those who don’t consistenly make their quotas.

In Trends, you can find out what Amazon is really up to in article today.  The article reveals the sketches and diagrams accompanying Amazon’s patent applications for a drone delivery system in U.S. cities.

In Productivity, Inc. presents research on ‘The One Exercise That Keeps Your Body Young’ – an article that describes the only type of training that alters the reproduction of cells in a beneficial way.

And, scientific research has identified 6 Things Job Candidates Should Never Do If They Want to Get Hired.’  The Entrepreneur post presents the findings that include some that are surprising; and, others that are more common sense – a worthwhile read if you’re looking for a job.

It’s not just candidates that sometimes make mistakes on interviews.  Ask yourself how you’d handle one of the ‘The Worst Job Interviews Ever.’

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STAFFLINK Small Business Week – June 30 – Inside the Senate’s Healthcare Bill – Ransomware – When Robots Will Beat Humans

This Week in Small Business – The Senate Healthcare Bill … How to Protect Your Company from Ransomware … Why Small Businesses are Outsourcing HR … 7 Scientific Reasons Being a Morning Person is Better … and Apple’s New ‘Apocalypse’ video, voted #1 in the world.

The GOP-controlled Senate delayed a vote on the new healthcare bill until after the holiday in an effort to gather the support they need to pass the legislation.  Will they?  Not sure.  SHRM’s Healthcare Bill review provides a simple, yet very helpful analysis of what’s in the bill, and how it differs from the House version … much has been made of the CBO report that estimated 22 million would lose their insurance if the bill passes; but, Forbes’ ‘The CBO Estimate is Deeply Flawed’ reveals how the report came up with those numbers; why they are flawed; and, how taking some of the politics out of the report can arrive at a much more accurate estimate.

The New York Times published a thorough story about this  week’s massive global ransomware attack, which shut down computers in 39 countries, from the Ukraine to the U.S. Experts consider this a new norm.  But to its credit, the New York Times’  also published ‘How to Protect Your Company from Ransomware‘ – an article that provides sound advice for keeping  small businesses safe in this volatile cyber environment.

SHRM’s ‘CEOs are Losing Sleep’ over the increase in compliance demands reveals the results of a recent study about top executives and the stress effects of increased compliance issues – despite efforts by the Trump administration to roll back some of those regulatory burdens … these compliance struggles, according to a recent post in Inc.,  are one reason increasing numbers of small businesses are outsourcing their HR to PEOs.

To help small business owners know whether outsourcing HR will be profitable to their company, STAFFLINK has developed an HR Assessment that takes just a few minutes, and is free.


In Trends, Business Insider posted ‘When Robots Will Start Taking Beating Humans at Every Task.” The article is the result of a joint study by researchers at Oxford and Yale.

And, in Productivity, science has taken sides in the morning v. evening productivity debate.  Business Insider’s article, ‘7 Science-Backed Benefits of Being a Morning Person unveils research that purports to show why ‘early birds really do get the worm.’

This week’s video was voted the Top video in the world this week by Best Ads on TV.  It’s Apple’s new ‘Apocalypse’ web video (3:14) that tells us  ‘human’ error, not ransomware, may be the globe’s greatest danger.   Enjoy.


Small Business Week – June 16-18 – Why Amazon Bought Whole Foods | Resume Fraud | 3 Trends Disrupting Workspace |


Amazon bought Whole Foods on Friday … 5 Consumer Trends are re-shaping business … 3 trends are changing what our workspaces will look like in the near future … resume fraud has become epidemic … 43% of Americans do some kind of freelance work, and a new bill marks the importance of the trend … and if you’ve ever wondered whether waking up early, or staying up late is better, a new article puts the issue to rest – so to speak.  And, this week’s video is raging across the internet, and helping remove some barriers in the process.

In the NewsAmazon bought Whole Foods for 13.7 billion making nearly everyone in the market jittery; but, what does it mean?  You can gain insight from today’s post in CNN Money

In Trends, what do AR, Incognito Individuals, and Capacity Capture have in common?  They are three of the Top 5 Consumer Trends in 2017.  Learn what they are, and how they will impact your life in today’s article from Trendwatching …  the Gallup organization published a new report about the 3 Trends Disrupting Workspace Forever.  You can learn how your office space is about to change, and review the new study by clicking the link.

In HR, the interviewing process just got a little tougher.  SHRM’s Verify Degrees and Protect Your Company from Resume Fraud exposes the significant growth in lying on resumes.  Find out why it’s happening, and what a few simple steps you can take to protect your business in the article … The Gig Economy is growing dramatically: Inc.’s ‘Why Today is a Big Day for 43% of the American Workforce’ shows just how rapidly freelance work has expanded among Americans.  And, Recode posted that The Gig Economy Workforce Will Double in 4 Years .  What will this freelance disruption mean for benefits?  A new bill was introduced in the U.S. Senate this week, the first ever ‘National Gig Economy‘ bill, calling for 20 million dollars to answer that and other questions surrounding the unprecedented rise in freelance workers.

In Productivity, in case you’re still wondering whether its better to get up early, or stay up late, a new post from Business Insider compiled recent research that should put the ‘issue to bed,’ so to speak, in ‘7 Science-Backed Reasons It’s Better to Be a Morning Person.’

Finally this week, we mentioned the 5 Consumer Trends of 2017 earlier.  One of those trends is ‘Worlds Apart’ – defined as the economic opportunity in helping remove global barriers between peoples and nations.  One of the most popular videos in the world this week, The DNA Journey, is one example of this trend – though the actual spot may contain some actors, and the test itself isn’t endorsed by all experts, the spot and business is sure to give Momondo, a Copenhagen-based travel website, an economic jolt.  Enjoy the video.

The Retail Death Spiral Accelerates | Right & Left Sides of Your Brain | Why Logic Fails to Persuade

This week, employers received good news from new Labor Secretary Alex Acosta … the new Fiduciary rule started today … an article revealed why logic alone in sales fails to persuade potential clients and customers … the retail store spiral continued at an accelarated level … studies show more people are lying on their resumes … and, new statistics revealed the importance of conducting fair and effective drug testing programs at your company.

This week, employers received good news from the Department of Labor. Former FIU Dean, and United States Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta, rescinded Obama-era policies regarding joint employment and worker classification .

Also in HR, the Fiduciary Rule begins today.  You’ll find what you need to know about the rule and its impact in today’s post from SHRM … HR Morning posted The Alarming Rise of Alternative Facts in Hiring, which shows just how prevalent misinformation has become in resumes, and why you really need to check out the facts posted on resumes.

Workplace drug usage is growing.  This week, NPR published Opioid Addiction Overwhelming south Florida treatment centers.  The article reveals the growing problem of opioid addiction here, and how people flocking to Florida for treatment are being preyed upon by unsavory individuals that actually target rehabilitation centers.  HR Daily Advisor also revealed this week that workplace drug usage has increased to a 12-year high among employees … TLNT published an article on the need for drug testing programs for small business owners, and listed 6 Tips for Fair & Effective Drug Testing Programs.

At STAFFLINK, we have put in place an excellent drug testing program that is fair and effective. Contact us at +1(877) 899-5465 to start this program at your company – ask for Beverly.

In Sales & Marketing, Inc. published ‘Why You Will Fail to Persuade 90% of the Time If You Only use Logic.”  The article reveals how important it is to uncover the emotional arguments that may be blocking your sales efforts.

In Productivity, Entrepreneur posted Surprising Truths about the Right and Left Sides of Your Brain – an article that dispels some earlier notions about the two different spheres work; and, provides tips for helping you use them more effectively … and, Entrepreneur’s 11 Skills that Make You  Super Successful provides some useful insights into the ways people succeed.

In Trends, the Retail Death Spiral continued this week at an accelerated pace.  Business Insider posted a story highlighting 5,000 retail stores – JC Penney, Sears, Macys, KMart, Payless, Radio Shack and others – that are closing due to slow sales.  You can find a complete list of the store closings in the article … Gallup published a report on The 3 Trends Disrupting Workspace Forever – an interesting article about work trends that are affecting how we work, and what employment will look like in the near future.

Enjoy Your Weekend.



Small Business Week – June 2, 2017 – May Job Surge | AI Ups Harley-Davidson NYC Leads 2930% | 4 Mental Tricks of Success

This week, south Florida businesses received good news:  the Tampa Bay Tribune posted that Florida’s economy is the 4th fastest growing in the U.S., and first among large states.

With the advent of summer, the Sun-Sentinel announced that this weekend is when you can purchase ‘tax-free’ hurricane supplies … and, if you’re planning a summer vacation, Fast Company published an article that reveals the ‘Keys to a Restorative Vacation

In Sales & Marketing, Mark Zuckerberg revealed the 5 Strategies He Used to Build Facebook … and, Harvard Business Review posted an article about Harley-Davidson’s New York City store, and how AI helped them improve lead generation by 2930%.

In HR, Risk Management Monitor published the findings of a research study that shows ‘CEOs That Improve Compliance Programs Sleep Better.’

And, in Personal Productivity, Inc.’s Productivity is All About Mastering These 4 Mental Tricks presents the findings of the psychological community about the focus that enables some people to achieve their dreams, while others ‘dabble, but never succeed.’

Here’s to you succeeding in life.  Enjoy your weekend.





As we approach Memorial Day, the president’s new budget has arrived and includes 6 weeks paid parental leave – that story from SHRM.

The Miami Herald reports that South Florida has become the New #1 for Startups in the U.S., passing Austin, Texas, last year’s leader … the Department of Labor is scheduling June 9 as the start date for the agencies’ new Fiduciary rule.  Forbes reports that it’s a rule without consequences at the present time …

Also in HR, SHRM reports that OSHA has Delayed its New Electronic Reporting Rule … and,  the HR Daily Advisor reports that the Supreme Court let stand a rule that requires employers to include ‘opt out’ employee benefit payments as part of overtime pay calculations.  The case involved the city of San Gabriel, California and its overtime compensation to city employees.

In Sales & Marketing, two stories are blog worthy this week: first, Entrepreneur posted a brief video of tips from six highly successful entrepreneurs about ‘Closing the Deal‘; and, Small Business Trends published ‘4 Reasons Why Your Sales Calls Fail‘ – an article that could also be entitled ‘4 Ways to Improve Sales Call Success.’

In Productivity, Inc. contributor Marla Tabaka asks the question, “Are You Too Attached to Your Goals?”  She posits that wisely detaching from them is the 1 Thing (You Can Do) to Immediately Become Happier, Healthier, and More Successful.  Her article does not degrade goal setting, merely encourages a healthier view about the goals we set – an interesting read.

Monday is Memorial Day, the day Americans take time to remember and reflect on the the men (and women) who died defending our freedom. Freedom is never free; it is bought and paid for by those who have given the ultimate sacrifice of their lives defending it.

To all of you, and to your families, we at STAFFLINK express our deepest respect and honor you to you today, and every day.  Yours is a debt none of us can ever repay.

All of us at STAFFLINK salute you.


The Excellent Broward Job Market … Fighting Ransomware … the Death of the Open Office … 5 High Productivity Morning Habits … the Feds Nix Small Business Healthcare.gov plans … and, the best Video Ad of the Week, ‘Love Story – these are this week’s top Small Business stories.

The Sun-Sentinel reported that 82% of Employers in Broward County are Hiring, but many report having a hard time finding qualified applicants …

Last week, Business Insider published the story about the 22-year old self-taught British man who ‘Saved the World from the Global Malware Virus.’  But most small business owners don’t know that 43% of all cyber attacks are targeted at small organizations.  SHRM’sHow to Protect Yourself from Ransomware‘ provides important information that will help protect your company.  And, Small Business Trends’7 Types of Cyber Attacks Threatening Your Small Business‘ reveals the types of attacks you need to guard against.  STAFFLINK has created a free download that will keep you current on 2017’s Risk Trends, including Cyber Attacks.  Simply click the link above, fill out the very brief form, and download.


In HR, SHRM reported that the Feds Nix Small Business Healthcare.gov Plans (Obamcare ‘SHOP’ Plans).  The article explains why the government is taking the step, and explains the alternatives being created designed to help small business owners provide better care and benefit from tax incentives …

Inc. published an article about a huge new study that reveals ‘Open Office Floor Plans are Killing Productivity.’  We reported about the death of the open office floor plan in our 2017 HR TRENDS Toolkit.  Expect them slowly to go the way of the retail mall …

In Productivity,  Time Management Ninja published 5 Simple Morning Habits That Increase Productivity – a user-friendly guide with proven recommendations.

Though we like to leave you, as  a rule, with something humorous, interesting and business related, today we’re going to show you the Top Rated International Web Ad of the Week.  This Ad, called ‘Love Story,’ was produced in Spanish by Young and Rubicam for the Mexican market, with English sub-titles.  It’s an important issue about which all parents should be informed, especially here in south Florida.





Small Business Week – May 12 –

Aetna Leaving Obamacare in 2018 … Weebly’s New Approach to Employee Burnout … 7 Cyber Attacks Threatening Your Business … The High Costs of a Bad Hire … and, What You Should Know About the New Comp Time, Overtime Rule – these are the week’s top small business posts.

In the NewsAetna announced it is leaving the Obamacare exchange in 2018 as their financial losses escalate … and, on Friday we witnessed a global cyber attack that affected 99 countries at last count. We told you in our 2017 STAFFLINK HR Trends Toolkit that cyber security is the major risk issue facing business owners this year.  Download a copy for your company – it’s free.  Small Business Trends‘7 Cyber Attacks Threatening Your Business Right Now‘ provides you a practical guide to the kind of attacks facing your company.  Read this article so you can protect yourself.

In HR, two recruiting articles may help you focus more attention on the process you use to attract and retain talent:  SHRM posted ‘The Astronomical Costs of a Bad Hire‘ … and Entrepreneur published ‘5 Hiring Pre-Tests to Help You Make the Right Hire.’  Of course, the best way to insure you hire right is to contact STAFFLINK.  We help companies attract and retain top talent.  Call us at +1(210)495-1171 … SHRM also published the IRS’ New 2018 HSA Limits.

Employee Burnout is becoming a major problem, but companies like Weebly are taking a wanderlust approach to it.  Find out what they are doing to improve engagement in Inc.’s article … and, Entrepreneur’sData-Driven’ Approach to Employee Engagement and Retention reveals research that shows just how important attention to the employee experience is regarding your company’s growth and profitability.

In Leadership, Harvard Business Review posted ‘Level 5 Leadership’ – a classic article that identifies the two paradoxical traits leaders must possess if a company can move from mediocre to great.  The article reveals the findings of a 5 year study on the subject that surprised even its authors.

In Productivity, Inc.’s The 5 Daily Choices the Smartest People Make takes a look decisions and mental approaches that increase your chances to succeed, and lead a higher quality of life.

May 7-13 is ‘Hurricane Preparedness Week.  We provided you a checklist for your company in our linkedin post this week.

In Trends, one of the most popular viral videos in the world this week focused on what humans will look like in 1,000 years … we leave you with the video, and with STAFFLINK’s wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers who have invested their lives into the love and nurturing of someone else.

Enjoy your weekend.