2017’s Compliance Issues Reveal the Need for Small Business Owners to Get Some Relief:  Drive By ADA Lawsuits, 70% Increase in OSHA Fines and Penalties, and 100% increases in poster penalties, too.  We’re not even discussing ACA, FLMA, EEOC – you get it.

The Trump administration has promised some relief from business regulations with the President’s 2 for 1 executive order, but you won’t see much in 2017, and the reality is that compliance will continue to devour your time and resources – and there are new issues weekly.

Why go through all the hassle?  Partner with STAFFLINK instead.  We’ll handle all your compliance issues for you.  We’re on top of all the continual changes.  Go back to doing what you love to do, and let us serve you; our goal is to make you successful – it’s a trend for small and mid-size companies that Business Pundit and others have recently reported.

Let STAFFLINK handle your compliance issues. Our goal is to make you successful … spend your time building your company, and let us handle the time-consuming HR issues.

Call me, Abram Finkelstein, at 954-423-8262 to learn more about how simple and easy it is to let us simplify your life, and protect your business.

Week’s Best – Trump Halts Fiduciary Rule | 2017 is Cyber Security’s Year | 5 Things Causing Burnout

Welcome to week 3 in the Trump administration.

Donald Trump’s executive orders continue: This week, President Trump blocked the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule for further study.  The rule had been scheduled to phase in beginning in April.  According to Investopedia, the rule demands that advisors act in the best interests of their clients, and put their clients’ interests above their own, leaving no room for advisors to conceal potential conflicts of interest.  It also states that all fees and commissions must be clearly disclosed in dollar form to clients.  In addition, the new rule adds brokers, financial planners, insurance agents and financial salespersons to the fiduciary level, increasing their financial accountability.  Formerly, these individuals were protected as long as they provided ‘suitable’ investments; now, however, with the new rule, they are legally obligated to put their client’s best interests first.  The new rule could therefore eliminate many commission structures that govern the industry.


However, there is some concern that the new rule may actually be hindering employees from receiving advice and assistance with their retirement investments; therefore, the executive order delays the rule until an ‘economic and legal analysis’ can be performed … At STAFFLINK, we believe fiduciary protection is vital.  We encourage you to review the STAFFLINK 401k for your company because it provides the fiduciary protections you need.  You can watch a brief video that outlines six advantages of the plan, including its fiduciary protection, at the end of today’s post.

In Risk, Forbes posted a story entitled, “Why Cybersecurity Should be the Biggest Concern of 2017.”  Written by a professional hacker, the article outlines the growing threat to business owners. The day after that post, it was disclosed that a Dallas hospital was fined 3.2 million dollars for HIPAA violations due to a security breach.

You can find some very helpful tips on protecting your company b7 reading our STAFFLINK blog post on the subject.

In Benefits, NerdWallet published an excellent article on the differences between FSA and HSA savings accounts, used, in part, to help employees deal with high out-of-pocket deductible expenses.  The post provides a simple comparison of the different features of both plans, making it easy for you to choose the right one for your company.

In Management, the Business Pundit posted How to Decide if You Should Outsource Your HR – a story about the trend among small and mid-size businesses to outsource their HR to PEOs.  The article provides a checklist that may make it easy to consider whether outsourcing your own company’s HR to a PEO makes sense for you; if it does, please contact STAFFLINK for a proposal so you can compare our services.
In Trends, Fast Company published the Top 3 Non-Profit Jobs of the Future. Of course, Data Scientist is one, but you may have a problem guessing the other two.  The article provides information that may help you plan for the future regardless of your ‘profit’ or ‘non-profit’ status.
In Productivity, Inc.’s Amy Marin posted 4 Brain Exercises Champions Use to Build Mental Strength – an article about reaching your peak peformance … and, Christina DesMarais posted 11 Ways the Most Successful People Differ from Everyone Else, an article we dubbed, ‘The Success Formula.’  The post contains the daily personal productivity habits highly successful leaders have in common – a good read if you are looking for reliable information on this subject.
Lifehacker published a story that helps make the case against the open office in Why You Need Less Noise for Work and Your Health … and, Fast Company highlights the serious problem of workforce burnout, something we touched upon last week in another article.  This post identifies the 5 Things Causing Employee Burnout, and reveals what some companies are doing to prevent it.
Enjoy Your Weekend.

Week’s Best – Trump Slashes Regs | Job Growth Crushes | Workforce Burnout Epidemic

This first week of February is starting out as eventful as the month of January.

The most recent jobs report shows The Strongest Job Growth in 10 Years, according to today’s story in TLNT … Donald Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch, by all accounts a highly qualified jurist, to the Supreme Court; but the nomination promised to be a battle royale, not because of his qualifications, but due to the highly charged political environment.  Whatever your politics, it appears Gorsuch will be a strong pick for small business – that story from our CNN Money … and, SHRM reveals that experts are forecasting a 3.2% increase in salaries for 2017.

President Trump also signed more executive orders (seven to date); some of which, like the Muslim immigration ban, created significant controversy.  By comparison, though, Barack Obama signed 276 executive orders while president, including nine in his first two weeks; several of which were also politically controversial (Guantanamo Bay?).  The Daily Signal believes Trump’s executive order calling for a 75% decrease in business regulations may provide a strong boost to small business

In HR,  Glassdoor posted The Top 50 Jobs in America … and, the Fundera Blog published, 16 Small Business Regulations You Need-to-Know – a very good resource worth downloading … The IRS reminded business owners to beware of the W2 Phishing Scam that uses internal employee names to request W2 information.

Two stories about employee engagement made our list this week:  first, several publications reported on Kraft-Heinz’s decision to forego buying a Super Bowl Ad this year, and give their employees a paid holiday instead. We liked the Daily Dot’s version of the story because it included last year’s Super Bowl Ad, which was a real dog (sorry) … and, we posted Daniel Pink’s Classic TED talk, The Puzzle of Motivation.  The talk is 18 minutes, but well worth the time investment.

In Sales & Marketing, Business News Daily posted a story, “What is an Elevator Pitch?”  The article explains the important of the pitch, and offers some helpful tips for creating a great one.

In Productivity, SHRM posted a story on The Workforce Burnout Epidemic.  The article reveals some of the symptoms and causes of serious employee disengagement.  On this issue, MindTools’s article, How to Avoid Burnout, provides a very good understanding of what causes burnout, how it differs from stress, and what can be done to prevent and deal with it – highly recommended.

Well, it’s Super Bowl weekend, and Houston is this year’s home of the event … we would be amiss if we didn’t include one of the best Super Bowl commercials this year – especially relevant in light of all the recent controversy about our neighbors to the south …

Enjoy your weekend, and the Super Bowl …

Week’s Best – Trump’s Executive Orders | How ACA Order Affects Health Plans | Power of 90-Minute Intervals

Donald Trump is off to a quick start, signing executive orders on a wide range of issues …

His first executive order was to roll back Obamacare … He then signed orders to withdraw the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and freeze federal hiring … and, on Wednesday, he turned his attention to building the border wall with Mexico, halting Syrian Immigration, and defunding Sanctuary cities.

Now that Congress and the President have signaled their intentions to repeal Obamacare, all attention turns to its replacement.  No one, including the Republicans, it seems, knows what will happen, but SHRM’s post, ‘How Trump’s Executive Order on ACA Could Afffect Employer Health Plans,’ provides some analysis that helps small business owners gain a better picture of the potential options that may affect their own health plans.

In HR, U.S. News published a story on the ‘5 Employee Benefits Trends in 2017‘ … and, SHRM  posted an in-depth article about ‘2017 Trends in Employment Screening‘ that contains some detailed analysis of the types of issues companies now face – like screening of freelancers, removal of ‘ban the box’ questions, and the need for continual screening, among other things.  And, employment screening is not the only HR area to experience change: TLNT  thinks ‘Everything in HR is Changing This Year.’  We’ll find out …

In Sales & Marketing, Inc.’s sage writer, Geoffrey James, penned ‘5 Marketing Megatrends Every Salesperson Should Know About in 2017′ – an insightful piece that describes the demise of some traditional marketing methods, and proclaims the superiority of one approach, though he admits most companies that employ it do it wrong.  Find out which approach your company should be using in 2017 by reading his article.

In Leadership & Management, Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran shares ‘The One Trait All Incredible Leaders Have in Common,’ a brief video about what she really is at the core of greatness.

In Productivity, Inc.’s Wanda Thibodeaux published an insightful article about the research behind body rhythms.  ‘Why Working in 90-Minute Intervals is Powerful for Your Body and Business‘ explains why you are sharper at certain times, and how to capitalize on the daily chemical processes that affect your ability to think and produce …  and, Entrepreneur posted a throwback video that contains some helpful information about ‘5 Ways to Handle Stress.’  The information summarizes several other articles we posted in 2016, but it is organized, simple to grasp, and sound – worth a view if you sometimes feel overwhelmed … Inc.’s 7 Simple Things Successful People Do Every Night is a good read that may help you improve your nocturnal habits.

In Trends, Mashable reported that Google Translate has now added Japanese to a list of languages that can be translated instantly by simply pointing your android smartphone at the text.  You can find the Google Translate app at the Google Play Store, of course … and, we all know robots are going to replace jobs in the future, but Fast Company’s ‘Bet You Didn’t See This Coming: 10 Jobs Robots Will Replace‘ presents a surprising list of tasks robots will soon perform that may take you by surprise.

Enjoy Your Weekend.


Inauguration day is here: Donald Trump was inaugurated as 45th president of the United States at 12:00p EST.  It promises to be an activist presidency.  If you did not see his speech, you can see the full speech here on CNN.

The President-elect has promised an active schedule, including an immigration plan in his first 100 days – that story from SHRM … 

In Leadership & Management, Harvard Business Review posted an article about ‘mindfulness’ that can help managers overcome reactionary habits, like anger.  Their post, Spending 10 Minute a Day of Mindfulness Can Change Your Reactions to Everything includes simple, yet practical steps that guarantee subtle changes that can help leaders stay in control in challenging situations … and, Science Reveals the Age at Which You Peak at Everything was a very popular video post this week from Business Insider that reveals at what age you’re the strongest, best able to handle math calculations, able to learn a second language, and several other things – an interesting view.

In HR, SHRM’s Professionals Prefer Promotions to Pay Raises cites the findings of studies that show advancement and growth are very important components of your employee development strategy, if you want to keep key talent in your company … Harvard Business Review also posted How to Deliver Criticism so Employees Pay Attention; a helpful article with practical tips that will help you avoid the mistakes of most managers … the I-9 form has been changed; you’ll need to start using the new form soon.  Find out about the changes and deadline for using the new form in the SHRM post … Cyber risk is increasing rapidly for small business owners.  STAFFLINK posted The 25 Most Commonly Stolen Passwords to show you what they are, and provide you with tips to make the ones you create more secure.

In Trends & Technology, Fast Company posted, Bet You Didn’t See This Coming: 10 Jobs that Will Be Replaced by Robots.  The article reveals the inroads automation is making in many fields, and how those gains are costing jobs – some of which are in fields you may not have guessed … and, are you an Android or iPhone smartphone owner ?  Business Insider ran a story about 6 Things Android Phones Can Do that iPhones Can’t . Some of the differences may be significant to you if you are considering a new smartphone … and, where are the ‘Hot Jobs’ in 2017? You can read SHRM’s post to find out.

In Personal Productivity, three articles stand out this week: First, SHRM posted an article, Stressed at Work?, that provides a list of insightful articles that can help you deal with a number of different kinds of stressors – a good read … Inc. re-posted an article from Quora, 9 Toxic Habits that are Wearing You Down.  The post provides you a list of the nine habits, and simple, yet helpful recommendations for dealing with each one … and, lastly, if you want a good night’s sleep, what you eat before going to bed can have a very significant effect – even two hours prior.  We combined two different video posts from Business Insider to give you a list of the ‘Best Foods to Help You Sleep,‘ and also, The Worst Foods if You Want a Good Night’s Sleep.’  Both videos show you four of the best and worst foods, and explain the research that led to each food’s selection.

Well, 2017 promises to be an exciting year.  In trends, we spoke about automation.  You are probably aware of the autonomous cars being tested by Uber, and autonomous trucks being tested in Europe; and, the autonomous delivery drones now being beta-tested by Amazon in the UK.

Along these lines, we’ll leave you with one of the best ads of the week, a brand new spot for Mercedes-Benz that features their new ‘remote parking pilot.’  The automation future is becoming mainstream.

Enjoy your weekend.


Week’s Best – Florida Lands 3 of Top 20 Best Cities for Finding Jobs | The Repeal of Obamacare Begins …

The inauguration hasn’t even taken place yet, and the legislative battles have begun in Congress.

Senate Republicans began the process of dismantling Obamacare by passing a budget resolution that will prevent a democratic filibuster – that story in the Chicago Tribune.  What will they replace it with ?  No one yet knows – stay tuned.

What Can You Expect from the Labor Market in 2017?  SHRM posted an article that posits continued growth, especially in certain industries. Read the article to find out which ones … and, Florida landed three of the Top 20 Best Cities to Find a Job in 2017, a trend article from Business Insider

In HR, Steve Boese of HRExecutive Online posted an article about the Top 5 Emerging HR Themes for 2017: AI and ’employee experience’ are two of the themes; perhaps, you can guess the others … TLNT published The Hiring Secrets of Top CEOs. The article reveals some of the ‘fit’ formulas that work well for companies like Facebook, Virgin, Kayak and others … January 31 is this year’s deadline for submitting W2 forms.

In Productivity, Inc’s Minda Zetlin posted, Want a Lifetime of Better Brain Function?  Change this One Habit Inc. also posted a brief video (1:09) from author, speaker, and productivity guru, Tim Ferriss, entitled One Key to Accomplishing All Your Tasks in 2017 – a good video backed by scientific research … and, Fast Company published Why the Most Productive People Do These 6 Things Daily – a simple, but helpful review and summary.  The article is one of the better productivity reads this month.

The inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump takes place next Friday, January 20; Senate confirmation hearings are already taking place on his nominees for the country’s top posts; and, President Obama issued his farewell address this week in Chicago.  2017 promises to be an eventful year …

Enjoy Your Weekend.

STAFFLINK – January 6 Week’s Small Business Best

Happy New Year from us to you!

The first week of January provided a steady stream of excellent 2016 reviews, including the Top 10 Best Recruiting Articles of 2016 … and, the Top 5 Risk Articles of 2016 – both from SHRM.

In HR, Inc.’s 5 Overrated Office Perks Companies Should Kill in 2017 bucks the trend toward adding features to employee programs; the article highlights five perks that are truly counter-productive.

TLNT’s These 4 HR Issues are Causing the Most Lawsuits also proved popular; it provides insight into the kind of issues to which you need to pay attention in 2017 …

And, our STAFFLINK OSHA Recordable Incident Advisor is a practical, simple to use calculator of sorts that enables you to gauge whether an incident at your company needs to be electronically uploaded to OSHA, in keeping with their new 2017 rules.  Take a look, it may prove helpful to you.

In Productivity, One Skill Will Increase Your Value 50% focuses on the immediate benefit public speaking skills can have on your career, according to well-known businessman, Warren Buffett.

And, it wouldn’t be New Years without a bevy of articles about resolutions and goal-setting … Here are three we recommend: Entrepreneur’s 5 Simple Resolutions that will Make You Smarter, Happier, and More Confident is practical, useful, and relatively easy to apply; 10 Essential Practices You Need to Succeed in 2017, from Inc., is a ‘back to basics’ primer that sums up the findings of many different self-help articles we’ve reviewed this year … lastly, Inc.’s Jeff Haden provides a list of the Best Books for Small Business Owners from 2016.  Jeff’s advice?  Read Them All!

From all of us at STAFFLINK, here’s wishing you a happy and prosperous new year!

Week’s Best – Top Posts of 2016 | 1 Surprising Daily Habit for Mental Toughness | 5 Secrets …

Christmas is behind us and a new year is in view.  You can get an idea of what our readers found most interesting this year in our recent blog post, Our Top 7 Stories of 2016.

In Trends, today’s post from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, Why the Coming Jobs Crisis is Bigger Than You Think, gives insight into the employment issues that may result from automation and globalization trends.

There has been a lot of talk about the dropping unemployment rate, but what most people don’t understand is that the jobs that are being created are low-paying ones, and that the jobs lost are the kind that can provide for a family. SHRM’s post, Is Dropping Unemployment Rate Masking Under-Employment Trend? reviews the issue.

In Marketing, 6 Small Business Marketing Growth Strategies for 2017, from Small Business Trends, provides business owners with a look at the type of marketing platforms that are growing in influence, and can be useful if you want to grow your company.

In HR, Business Insiders’s brief video, 5 Things to Say in Your Cover Letter if You Want to Get the Job, and TLNT’s The 5 Secrets of Great Interviewers both provide helpful information whether you are looking for work, or tasked with whittling through prospective applicants.

And, it wouldn’t be a new year’s eve review without including a few ‘self help’ posts.  There have been dozens of posts about how to make 2017 a great year, but three stand out: Inc.’s The One Surprising, Counter-Intuitive Daily Habit that Makes You Mentally Tough;  Quora’s The Biggest Secret to Success is Spending 10 Hours Per Week Just Thinking; and Inc.’s Geoffrey James more-is-less post 6 Easy, But Scientific Ways to Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever.

From all of us at STAFFLINK, Happy New Year!

Week’s Best – 2016’s 6 Top Pay & Benefits Stories | 7 Ways to De-Stress | 7 Ideas for Your Time Off


Well, the holidays are here, and the close of 2016 approaches.  It has been a year of change and uncertainty, especially for small business owners.

SHRM posted two reviews that summarize what has taken place in 2016: The Top 6 Compensation Stories of 2016 and 2016’s Top Benefits Stories. Both articles grant you a preview of what to expect in 2017.

You will find a brief snapshot of our coming January ‘Small Business Trends’ report in this week’s blog.  The blog post focuses on three of 2017’s important trends: video, remote employment, and app development.

In HR, the January edition of our OSHA newsletter presents changes in enforcement penalties for 2017 … the DOL strengthened rules for disability benefit claims … and, our new Cyber Security newsletter highlights the increase and sophistication of cyber attacks.

In Personal Productivity, Inc. posted an interesting article about One Surprising Daily Habit that Makes You Mentally Strong – a counter-intuitive finding backed by scientific research … and, the Fundera Blog published a practical article about 7 Ways Small Business Managers Can De-Stress that Actually Work – a good read for any small business owner.

And, as we approach the holidays, Lifehacker’s 7 Ideas for Making the Most of Your Time Off During the Holidays is a practical read that may help you get ahead by the time you return to the office; idea number seven may not apply to many of you (find a new job), but thinking about ways to recruit and retain top talent may work well.  You may want to refer back to The Top 6 Benefits Stories for a few good ideas because some companies are having success attracting new employees by altering their benefits packages.

As the holidays approach, we leave you with one of the top holiday shorts in the world: a three-minute video animation produced by Sainsbury’s in the UK … enjoy!

From All of Us at STAFFLINK, enjoy a safe and happy holiday!