December 1, 2017


This Week: Booming Economy | Cybersecurity | 30-Second Test That CAn Save Your Life | Workplace Wellness | HR’s Future | EEOC Claims | Parental Leave

StaffLink’s Week Ending December 1 Highlights: In small business news this week, we’re looking at a rousing response from Wall Street to the proposed GOP tax plan. Meanwhile, responding to the latest round of cybersecurity breaches, experts say more needs to be done.

In health-related news, we learn that an extra step at your next physical could save your life and take a a look at workplace wellness trends for 2018. And in HR news, we found a prediction for the future of the industry, tips for harassment prevention training, and new developments in parental leave benefits.

Economy Hits New Heights

In Surging banks lead Wall Street to highs as tax plan advances, Fox Business reported that all three major indexes closed at record highs on Tuesday, responding favorably to the proposed tax cuts included in the GOP tax bill and statements made by President Trump’s Federal Reserve Chair nominee.

Two-Factor Isn’t Good Enough

When companies such as Uber are paying ransoms and keeping cyber breaches a secret, something needs to change. In Companies Need More Than Two-Factor Authentication to Keep Users Safe, Harvard Business Review contributor Sridhar Muppidi explains what companies need to do to take digital security to the next level.

Two Tests are Better Than One

Most Medical Checkups Miss a 30-Second Test that Could Save Your Life writes Inc. contributor Minda Zetlin. Taking a blood pressure reading from each arm could detect area-specific cardiovascular conditions. Zetlin explains that both arm testing is now recommended by many European and U.S. medical organizations, but the step is often skipped in practice.

Trending in Workplace Wellness

Writing for Talent Culture, Ann Wyatt closed out November with Five Corporate Workplace Well-Being Trends to Watch in 2018. Wyatt predicts that workers will find healthier selections in workplace vending machines, the popularity of standing desks will continue to rise, and wellness programs will place more emphasis on stress management.

Predicting the Future of HR

Looking at the future of work from a different angle, SHRM’s Aliah D. Wright gives us Survey: Some Predict HR Will Be Automated, Data-Driven and Strategic by 2022. Wright reports that survey respondents plan to invest heavily in people and data over the next five years to help them find and keep talent.  The automation disruption continues … 

To Prevent Harassment, Instruction Should Be In Person

Also from Aliah D. Wright at SHRM this week, was an article covering the recent announcement that the EEOC will launch an online system to ease the filing of harassment claims. In Consider Face-to-Face Training as EEOC Makes Filing Harassment Complaints Easier, Wright shares the advice from HR professionals that in-person instruction is the best method for conveying the importance of harassment prevention to employees. While live instruction may cost more than other methods, its effectiveness in reducing complaints makes it a bargain.  

(Grand)Parental Leave?

Wellness isn’t the only voluntary benefit that has seen new trends develop in recent years. In Companies Add New Twists to Parental Leave, SHRM’s Stephen Miller reports that Cisco Systems and Whirlpool Corporation are adjusting their parental leave benefits. Included among the changes are gender neutral designations, time off for grandparents, and support for nursing mothers.  

What a Beautiful World

As we leave Thanksgiving behind and prepare to say goodbye to 2017, it’s a great time to reflect on the things we too often take for granted. You can get started with this Louie Schwartzberg video called ‘Gratitude.’