August 4, 2017

Employment Challenges, HR Analytics, and Email Endings

Stafflink’s This Week in Small Business for July 31 – August 4: Employment Challenges, HR Analytics, and Email Endings

This week in small business news: Businesses are facing new competition — for employees; HR employs big data to predict employee outcomes; some email tips to help you sign off with style; plus a short video to make you smile.  

Employers seeking new hires may need to up their game.

There was good news for the economy this week as Gallup reported the U.S. July good jobs rate was 47% up from 46.3% in June. Gallup also reported that underemployment and unemployment hit record lows in July.

While that may be good news for wage earners, employers are starting to feel the pinch. As TLNT’s Andrew Graft puts it, “the war for talent is about to go nuclear.”

It’s not just small businesses who are feeling the pinch either, Inc. reports that Amazon’s epic hiring event, Amazon Jobs Day netted just 20,000 applicants to fill an estimated 50,000 openings.

HR looks to big data to vet potential hires and predict the future.

Big data has been all the rage this year with industries from marketing to medicine looking to use data analytics to improve their performance.

Inside companies, HR departments are using big data too. Jasmine Morgan’s article for TLNT, 4 Powerful Applications of Big Data in HR, explains how human resource departments are using big data to manage retention rates, select benefits, and avoid hiring mistakes.

End your email with “Toodles?”

Maybe “Toodles” isn’t the one for you, but surely you’ll find something new to try in this list of 70 email sign-offs from The Muse at Inc. Could “Thanks a Million” be the one for you?

Speaking of email, here’s what WorkFront thinks Email in Real Life would look like. (Be sure to put down your coffee before you hit play.)  

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