May 5, 2017

Small Business Week – The American Health Care Act | 20 Habits of High Achievers | 8 Exercise Benefits for Your Brain

May 5 Small Biz Week

Today’s May 5 Small Business week features a look at the Obamacare repeal and its replacement, The American Health Care Act … a study about the detrimental effects of managers that don’t praise employees … 8 surprising benefits of exercise on your brain … 20 daily habits high achievers credit with their success … 4 habits that can help you end procrastination … and, some tips to help you avoid illegal unpaid internships.

In the News, President Trump’s efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare got a strong start yesterday as the House passed the American Health Care Act.  Read SHRM’s post to learn how it differs from Obamacare, and what’s next …

In HR,  Entrepreneur published a very helpful article for business owners, The Basics of Employee Benefits, that outlines what’s required, what’s optional, and what’s good policy when it comes to benefit packages.  The article is a great primer.  Contact STAFFLINK if you’re looking to add benefits to your company – we’ll save you time and money … SHRM published a post entitled, Employers: Is Your Unpaid Internship Program Illegal?‘  If you’re considering an internship program, review the article to create a program that will keep you out of trouble … SHRM also posted ‘Past Hiring Checks are Critical to the Hiring Process,’ an article that reveals the what and how of effective background checks.

Harvard Business Review published the findings of a study that reveals ‘Why Managers Avoid Giving Praise.’  The article also reports on the detrimental effects that occur when managers neglect to praise employees … on the positive side, HBR also published ‘How to Be an Inspiring Leader‘ – the findings of a 2,000 person study by consulting giant Bain & Company …

In Personal Productivity, Business Insider’s8 Surprising Ways Exercise Benefits Your Brain‘ takes a look at the many ways exercise improves your emotional well-being – take a look … Inc. published ‘20 Simple Daily Habits High Achievers Credit with Their Success’ … and, Quora posted ‘Harness These 4 Habits to Solve Your Procrastination Problem.’  The post digs into the reasons we procrastinate, and provides some common sense solutions that may make you more productive quickly …

In Trends, Elon Musk delivered an enlightening Ted Talk recently about the future of transportation. You can find a video that shows you his new ‘Boring Company’ project here … and, we’ll close this post with a look at one of the best TV Ads of the week – an Ad from Nespresso, the coffee machine company, that takes a look back in time.

Enjoy Your Weekend.