August 25, 2017


This Week: Modern Leadership Skills | Habits of the 1% | Modern Workplace Drug Testing | and the Smartphone Generation

Stafflink’s Best of the Week for the Week Ending August 25: This week we take a look at the characteristics of exceptional leaders and the 1%, how employers can handle employee drug testing, and the effects of always-on technology on our kids.

Defining a new generation of leaders.

The ability to play well with others may take you all the way from the playground to the boardroom. In 9 Reasons Humility is the Key Ingredient to Exceptional Leadership, Entrepreneur contributor Sherrie Campbell explains why.  

Inc. contributor Rhett Power has a few suggestions of his own for making it to the top. He tells us where we’re going wrong in his article, 8 Things the 1% Do That the 99% Don’t.

Will new marijuana laws cause a state of confusion for employers?

Some workplace drug testing is governed by federal law, but most drug testing rules are left to the individual states. As more states propose laws permitting recreational and medical marijuana use, employers may need to rewrite their drug-testing policies. Attorney and human resources specialist Lisa Nagele-Piazza discusses the ramifications of changes in state drug laws in her article for SHRM, An Employee Failed a Drug Test. Now What?

Access to the world but missing their childhoods?

In its September 2017 issue, The Atlantic asks Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? Kids today are more interested in swiping and thumb typing than going out and meeting up. Will it have long-term effects on their emotional and physical health? Some experts believe the damage is already being done.

And for a bit of humor, take a look at this video featuring the easiest drug testing method ever.