February 9, 2018

Pay is Up, Joblessness Down, Market Volatile | Team Building | EEOC | Email Mistakes

In StaffLink’s Small Business Week this week we review the latest news on jobs and pay rates and the volatile market. Plus, we’re sharing tips for engaging employees and conducting annual reviews. We also take a look at trends in B2B marketing and how not to email.

In this week’s HR news, we share advice from SHRM about why you should offer dental benefits and tips for responding to EEOC charges.

Stocks went up and down this week but job news is all good.

According to the latest government reports shared by MarketWatch, the job market is going strong. MarketWatch reporter Jeffry Bartash gives us the one-two punch this month with Wages grow at fastest pace in more than 8 years as U.S. adds 200,000 jobs in January and Jobless claims drop 9,000 to 221,000, remain at near 45-year low.

What does it all mean? Bartash quotes High Frequency Economics’ Jim O’Sullivan saying he expects to see employment growth continue to keep unemployment rates trending down.

At the same time, the market itself is experiencing high volatility.  Correction?  Marketwatch sees the volatility that way with an expectation of slow, sustained growth soon;  CNBC ‘s article this morning provides historical perspective that says the near future will probably depend on the severity of the correction … everyone is watching.

In a tight job market, it pays to keep your employees happy.

When it comes to keeping your employees (and keeping them happy), Inc. has you covered.

First, use Ilya Pozin’s 8 Team Building Activities Your Employees Will Love to ensure that everyone gets to know one another and can work as a team. Then, find out how your employees and you are doing with Spencer Rascoff’s 5 Steps for Conducting an Effective Annual Review.

Pozin writes that “companies that have happy employees outperform their competitors by 20 percent, and contented salespeople rack up 37 percent greater sales.” Meanwhile, Rascoff notes that employees are happiest at a workplace where they feel that their employer supports their career growth.

Got it? Happy employees build strong teams and nurture individual career paths.

B2B Marketing Trends for today’s market.

Convince and Convert contributor Kayla Matthews wants to make sure you are taking advantage of all the latest communications channels for your business. In 5 B2B Marketing Trends That Will Shape 2018, Matthews writes, “2018 is an exciting time for B2B marketing, with a wide variety of exciting new ways to market with relevancy and technological savvy.”

The new marketing methods go beyond just blogging and videos. AR and influencer marketing are part of the mix now too. Is your brand omnichannel ready?

Speaking of business communication…

Despite the development of new messaging systems and technologies, email remains one of the best tools for business communication and response.  It can also be one of the main sources of embarrassment for some professionals. Take a look at Inc. contributor Betty Liu’s article, The 11 Worst Email Mistakes Everyone Makes for a glimpse of just what can go wrong.  

Are you offering your employees dental benefits?

According to recent studies reported by SHRM’s Stephen Miller, offering dental care to your employees is a good investment. In Preventative Dental Benefits Save Employers Money, Studies Find, Miller notes that preventative dental care also serves as preventive care for other, more serious conditions. Offering dental benefits can also be an effective employee satisfaction and retention tool. Paying for dental care can strain family budgets. Employers who help ease this burden can improve their bottom line and their employees’ well-being.

The EEOC releases 2017’s enforcement report and offers tips responding to EEOC charges.

Summarizing the EEOC FY 2017 report and offering tips for mitigation this week, SHRM’s online staff offers readers EEOC: Retaliation Makes Up Almost Half of Discrimination Charges.

In any case of government action, preparation is half the battle. Find out what charges drew most of the EEOC’s attention in 2017 and what you should do if your business is singled out for action in SHRM‘s informative article.

This year’s Super Bowl Winner? Tide.

Tide turned the Super Bowl into an opportunity to reach millions by creating one of the best ads of the event. Take a look and see if you can recognize the brands the ad parodies.