November 18, 2016

Nov 18 Week’s Best – 2016 Social Media | 4 Tips for Your Healthcare | Jobs of the Future


Well, it’s that wonderful time of year when we focus on the many things for which we have to be thankful … of course, many of us reflect while eating far too much, and the overload of carbs – about 2,000 extra calories for the average 180 pound man – puts us into a slumber for most of the early evening … sound familiar?

After it’s all over, and before Black Friday Deals (which now encroach on Thanksgiving, but we’ve included a link to some of the best deals, anyway) put whole cities into a frenzy, the average American adult male has put on enough extra weight to require the equivalent of a 5-hour walk to work off the excess calories. So, keep that in mind while you work on that second or third serving … One other thing: don’t blame your tiredness on the turkey, it’s actually just the overload of carbohydrates that causes the problem (mashed potatoes, stuffing, pies, etc.).

Here are a few fun Thanksgiving facts …

  • Which state produces the most turkey?  Minnesota, followed by North Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri and Virginia.
  • How much turkey do we consume?  736 million pounds
  • Which state produces the most cranberries?  Wisconsin.  The U.S. produces 789 million pounds of cranberries annually; 450 million pounds of cranberry sauce is consumed at Thanksgiving alone.


Right after the weekend, you’ll have only three days to finish preparation for the new FLSA Overtime Rule on December 1st, if you haven’t done so already.  The link provides you most of the information you need to know.

HR – The election is behind us and every one is getting used to the title, ‘President Trump.’  We posted A Trump Administration and ACA article last week from SHRM.  This week, Forbes posted a very helpful article, 4 Tips to Help You Select Healthcare Coverage at Work, that helps you sort through the ever-changing coverage options, and avoid making costly mistakes … also in HR, SHRM’s I-9 Violations Can Be Costly shows how companies are paying heavily for compliance mistakes regarding the hiring of foreign workers. USCIS Issued a New I-9 form recently, and you can see it by clicking the link; it is required for I-9 submissions beginning January 22, 2017.

In Money, the stock market rallied on the Trump victory, which focus more attention on investments.  Our Blog post, The Most Important Factor in Your Retirement Plan Is? shows you why your company 401(k) has become more important now than at any time before, and which component has the most impact on the success of your retirement income. For those of you in your 50’s who may feel behind, the post also offers a few tips that can help you maximize the next few years of preparation.

If you are a small business looking for a ‘good’, no change that to ‘exceptional’ 401(k), you’ll find a brief video about the STAFFLINK 401(k) at the bottom of the blog post – and 6 reasons why it is better than plans available in the marketplace.

Sales & MarketingBuffer posted 2016 Social Media Industry Report: The Future of Social Media that presents the findings of their extensive survey of social media professionals.  The article shows you what is current, what’s effective, and how to make it all part of your marketing mix – definitely worth a look.

In Leadership/ManagementTLNT shared an article about how Outsourcing HR Provides Big Benefits for Small Business – take a look, and consider STAFFLINK if you don’t already work with a PEO; we understand the unique compliance and business issues of Florida business owners, and we’ll help you simplify and protect your business.

In Trends, SHRM’s Jobs of the Future Will Require Data Analysis skills provides concrete advice about where the job market is heading … an insightful article that can help advance your career, or, if you are a company owner, give you ideas about how companies are using data analysis to grow.

In Productivity this week, Inc. presented two articles, 8 Harsh Truths That Can Make You More Successful Immediately and Don’t Treat Your Weekends Like Mini-Vacations that can improve your ability to advance your career, and help you make beneficial life changes.

Enjoy Your Weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving.