October 21, 2016

Week’s Best – FLSA OT Guide | 62 Ideas for More Clients | 6 Daily Habits of Productive People


Welcome to the fall, and the end of the presidential debates.  Just a couple of weeks until our next president is elected …

It’s also now just about 5-6 weeks before the new FLSA Overtime Rule takes effect.  We’ve provided you an INFOGRAPHIC and series of resources from SHRM to help you understand and prepare for the December 1 start date.

Also in HR, SHRM’s Steep New Penalties Under the OSH Act are Causing Compliance Concerns shows you just how significantly OSHA fines have risen; and, Top 10 OSHA Citation Violations for 2016 gives you a very good idea about the kinds of things you need to focus on at your own company.

The Healthcare Quagmire is creating significant medical premium increases for many, problems for the growing number of  individuals investing in HSA accounts, and outrageous costs for patients confused by difficult to understand ‘in-network’ and ‘out-of-network’ designations.  You can gain a greater understanding of the issues by reading How Surprise Medical Bills are Sticking Patients with Outrageous Costs.

In Sales & Marketing, Inc. posted an article presenting 9 Simple Ways to Keep Your Current Clients Coming Back; a reminder that your current clients are your best source of business and future growth.  And, if you’re struggling with trying to add new clients, as all are, then Bill Carmody’s 62 Actionable Ideas to Get More Clients is a must read.  The article contains practical tips from 13 leaders in sales and marketing.

In Leadership this week, the New York Times reviewed the effects of Walmart’s Experiment on Increasing Employee Pay . The article details the impact the hourly pay increases have had on sales and applicant quality at the retail discount giant, and leaves us wondering about how it will affect long-term profitability … and 6 Daily Habits of Highly Productive People contains a melding of the best tips about daily success found in several articles of the same ilk – a good read and reminder.

Enjoy Your Weekend!