June 16, 2017

Small Business Week – June 16-18 – Why Amazon Bought Whole Foods | Resume Fraud | 3 Trends Disrupting Workspace |


Amazon bought Whole Foods on Friday … 5 Consumer Trends are re-shaping business … 3 trends are changing what our workspaces will look like in the near future … resume fraud has become epidemic … 43% of Americans do some kind of freelance work, and a new bill marks the importance of the trend … and if you’ve ever wondered whether waking up early, or staying up late is better, a new article puts the issue to rest – so to speak.  And, this week’s video is raging across the internet, and helping remove some barriers in the process.

In the NewsAmazon bought Whole Foods for 13.7 billion making nearly everyone in the market jittery; but, what does it mean?  You can gain insight from today’s post in CNN Money

In Trends, what do AR, Incognito Individuals, and Capacity Capture have in common?  They are three of the Top 5 Consumer Trends in 2017.  Learn what they are, and how they will impact your life in today’s article from Trendwatching …  the Gallup organization published a new report about the 3 Trends Disrupting Workspace Forever.  You can learn how your office space is about to change, and review the new study by clicking the link.

In HR, the interviewing process just got a little tougher.  SHRM’s Verify Degrees and Protect Your Company from Resume Fraud exposes the significant growth in lying on resumes.  Find out why it’s happening, and what a few simple steps you can take to protect your business in the article … The Gig Economy is growing dramatically: Inc.’s ‘Why Today is a Big Day for 43% of the American Workforce’ shows just how rapidly freelance work has expanded among Americans.  And, Recode posted that The Gig Economy Workforce Will Double in 4 Years .  What will this freelance disruption mean for benefits?  A new bill was introduced in the U.S. Senate this week, the first ever ‘National Gig Economy‘ bill, calling for 20 million dollars to answer that and other questions surrounding the unprecedented rise in freelance workers.

In Productivity, in case you’re still wondering whether its better to get up early, or stay up late, a new post from Business Insider compiled recent research that should put the ‘issue to bed,’ so to speak, in ‘7 Science-Backed Reasons It’s Better to Be a Morning Person.’

Finally this week, we mentioned the 5 Consumer Trends of 2017 earlier.  One of those trends is ‘Worlds Apart’ – defined as the economic opportunity in helping remove global barriers between peoples and nations.  One of the most popular videos in the world this week, The DNA Journey, is one example of this trend – though the actual spot may contain some actors, and the test itself isn’t endorsed by all experts, the spot and business is sure to give Momondo, a Copenhagen-based travel website, an economic jolt.  Enjoy the video.