June 2, 2017

Small Business Week – June 2, 2017 – May Job Surge | AI Ups Harley-Davidson NYC Leads 2930% | 4 Mental Tricks of Success

This week, south Florida businesses received good news:  the Tampa Bay Tribune posted that Florida’s economy is the 4th fastest growing in the U.S., and first among large states.

With the advent of summer, the Sun-Sentinel announced that this weekend is when you can purchase ‘tax-free’ hurricane supplies … and, if you’re planning a summer vacation, Fast Company published an article that reveals the ‘Keys to a Restorative Vacation

In Sales & Marketing, Mark Zuckerberg revealed the 5 Strategies He Used to Build Facebook … and, Harvard Business Review posted an article about Harley-Davidson’s New York City store, and how AI helped them improve lead generation by 2930%.

In HR, Risk Management Monitor published the findings of a research study that shows ‘CEOs That Improve Compliance Programs Sleep Better.’

And, in Personal Productivity, Inc.’s Productivity is All About Mastering These 4 Mental Tricks presents the findings of the psychological community about the focus that enables some people to achieve their dreams, while others ‘dabble, but never succeed.’

Here’s to you succeeding in life.  Enjoy your weekend.