May 19, 2017


The Excellent Broward Job Market … Fighting Ransomware … the Death of the Open Office … 5 High Productivity Morning Habits … the Feds Nix Small Business plans … and, the best Video Ad of the Week, ‘Love Story – these are this week’s top Small Business stories.

The Sun-Sentinel reported that 82% of Employers in Broward County are Hiring, but many report having a hard time finding qualified applicants …

Last week, Business Insider published the story about the 22-year old self-taught British man who ‘Saved the World from the Global Malware Virus.’  But most small business owners don’t know that 43% of all cyber attacks are targeted at small organizations.  SHRM’sHow to Protect Yourself from Ransomware‘ provides important information that will help protect your company.  And, Small Business Trends’7 Types of Cyber Attacks Threatening Your Small Business‘ reveals the types of attacks you need to guard against.  STAFFLINK has created a free download that will keep you current on 2017’s Risk Trends, including Cyber Attacks.  Simply click the link above, fill out the very brief form, and download.


In HR, SHRM reported that the Feds Nix Small Business Plans (Obamcare ‘SHOP’ Plans).  The article explains why the government is taking the step, and explains the alternatives being created designed to help small business owners provide better care and benefit from tax incentives …

Inc. published an article about a huge new study that reveals ‘Open Office Floor Plans are Killing Productivity.’  We reported about the death of the open office floor plan in our 2017 HR TRENDS Toolkit.  Expect them slowly to go the way of the retail mall …

In Productivity,  Time Management Ninja published 5 Simple Morning Habits That Increase Productivity – a user-friendly guide with proven recommendations.

Though we like to leave you, as  a rule, with something humorous, interesting and business related, today we’re going to show you the Top Rated International Web Ad of the Week.  This Ad, called ‘Love Story,’ was produced in Spanish by Young and Rubicam for the Mexican market, with English sub-titles.  It’s an important issue about which all parents should be informed, especially here in south Florida.