June 9, 2017

The Retail Death Spiral Accelerates | Right & Left Sides of Your Brain | Why Logic Fails to Persuade

This week, employers received good news from new Labor Secretary Alex Acosta … the new Fiduciary rule started today … an article revealed why logic alone in sales fails to persuade potential clients and customers … the retail store spiral continued at an accelarated level … studies show more people are lying on their resumes … and, new statistics revealed the importance of conducting fair and effective drug testing programs at your company.

This week, employers received good news from the Department of Labor. Former FIU Dean, and United States Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta, rescinded Obama-era policies regarding joint employment and worker classification .

Also in HR, the Fiduciary Rule begins today.  You’ll find what you need to know about the rule and its impact in today’s post from SHRM … HR Morning posted The Alarming Rise of Alternative Facts in Hiring, which shows just how prevalent misinformation has become in resumes, and why you really need to check out the facts posted on resumes.

Workplace drug usage is growing.  This week, NPR published Opioid Addiction Overwhelming south Florida treatment centers.  The article reveals the growing problem of opioid addiction here, and how people flocking to Florida for treatment are being preyed upon by unsavory individuals that actually target rehabilitation centers.  HR Daily Advisor also revealed this week that workplace drug usage has increased to a 12-year high among employees … TLNT published an article on the need for drug testing programs for small business owners, and listed 6 Tips for Fair & Effective Drug Testing Programs.

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In Sales & Marketing, Inc. published ‘Why You Will Fail to Persuade 90% of the Time If You Only use Logic.”  The article reveals how important it is to uncover the emotional arguments that may be blocking your sales efforts.

In Productivity, Entrepreneur posted Surprising Truths about the Right and Left Sides of Your Brain – an article that dispels some earlier notions about the two different spheres work; and, provides tips for helping you use them more effectively … and, Entrepreneur’s 11 Skills that Make You  Super Successful provides some useful insights into the ways people succeed.

In Trends, the Retail Death Spiral continued this week at an accelerated pace.  Business Insider posted a story highlighting 5,000 retail stores – JC Penney, Sears, Macys, KMart, Payless, Radio Shack and others – that are closing due to slow sales.  You can find a complete list of the store closings in the article … Gallup published a report on The 3 Trends Disrupting Workspace Forever – an interesting article about work trends that are affecting how we work, and what employment will look like in the near future.

Enjoy Your Weekend.