October 27, 2017

STAFFLINK PODCAST: Voluntary Benefits | Healthcare Trends | Add Years to Life

This Week: The New STAFFLINK Podcast | Healthcare Trends  | Quality of Life Tips | HIPAA and FCRA Compliance

This Week’s Highlights: This week, in StaffLink’s first podcast, our president, Abram Finkelstein talks about voluntary employee benefits for small businesses. We’re also sharing news on healthcare trends, as well as life and productivity hacks. Plus, updates on HIPAA and FCRA compliance.

This Week’s Podcast: Are Benefits Your Competitive Advantage?

In an interview for StaffLink’s first podcast, our own Abram Finkelstein discusses the current market for talent and how offering voluntary benefits can help small businesses compete with larger employers. In this insightful interview, Abram shares stories of real benefits helping real people and gives us the inside scoop on what’s trending in benefits today.

You can hear all about it by playing the podcast at the bottom of this blog. 


Ahead of It’s Time.

Speaking of benefits trends, check out Robert Pearl’s article about Turntable Health for Forbes, How One U.S. Clinic Disrupted Primary Care, Made Patients Healthier and Still Failed. Turntable’s focus on wellness and preventative care didn’t appeal to primary health insurers. But as the cost of chronic-disease management rises, might we see a change of mind in the future? Employer-sponsored wellness benefits were once new, too.

Here’s something else that’s new. 3-D printing technology continues to advance at a rapid pace and the impact on everything from construction to healthcare has been significant. Learn more about How 3-D Printing is Changing Health Care in this article by Aili McConnon in the Wall Street Journal.

Gaining More Time.

Ready to gain more time in your life by increasing your productivity and living longer? Inc. has you covered. First, Amy Vetter shares 5 Daily Habits to Become More Productive (and Mindful) in Your Company to help you make the most of your day. Next, Bill Murphy, Jr. offers up These 7 Habits Literally Add Years to Your Life, According to Science reporting on the findings of researchers who looked at the histories of over 600,000 patients.

Win Some; Lose Some.

This week the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that it was withdrawing a proposal that would have required health plans, including self-insured plans often offered by small businesses, to file a certificate of compliance with HIPAA’s transaction standards. Following this withdrawal, companies still have to comply with HIPAA’s guidelines, they just don’t have the create more paperwork to prove it. David Slaughter of HRDailyAdvisor.com explains the details in HHS Withdraws Rules for Certifying Compliance with HIPAA Transaction Standards.

Meanwhile, a federal judge declined to enter a summary judgement ruling that would have let an employer off the hook under the paperwork requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) reports SHRM’s Roy Maurer. In Employers Should Share All Background Check Reports Before Revoking Job Offers, Maurer explains that the question of when enough information is enough in the case will be left to the jury to decide.

The takeaway for employers? Send every background check — especially the final one — along with any notice of adverse action sent to an employee or prospective hire. It costs less to do the paperwork than face a jury.


And Now, the Promised Podcast:

Listen in as StaffLink’s president Abram Finkelstein explains how offering a unique and responsive benefits package can improve your chances of securing and retaining the best talent.