September 29, 2017


This Week: The Trump Tax Plan | Obamacare Costs Rise | DOJ and the ADA | Air Taxis

STAFFLINK’s Week Ending September 29 Highlights: This week, the long awaited tax plan arrived; healthcare premiums and student loan debts are rising; and the DOJ says no to another regulation. Plus, some tried and tested time management tips, and a new way to travel.

Worth waiting for?

President Trump’s promised tax plan is here and Bob Bryan is sharing the details at Business Insider. See the full text or read Bryan’s highlights in IT’S HERE: All the details of Trump’s massive tax plan. Will you owe more or less if the plan comes to pass? Break out those calculators and call your accountant!  Spoiler – small businesses really seem to like it. 


Can we deduct that?

Florida residents may be looking for a tax break after seeing their updated healthcare premiums. The Miami Herald’s Daniel Chang reports the bad news in Obamacare premiums in Florida to rise 45 percent on average next year.


It’s not avocado toast.

Millennials Would Stay at a Company 36 Percent Longer if It Offered This 1 Benefit writes Melanie Curtin for Inc. What would it take to keep your millennial staff from jumping ship? Here’s a hint: Those diplomas aren’t cheap.

This generation of employees is entering the workforce with 20 years worth of loan repayment weighing them down. A survey of the Benefit Preferences of College-educated Millennials says that employers who help lighten this load will win the competition for talent.


Time waits for no man.

In Entrepreneur this week, R.L. Adams shares 15 Time Management Tips for Achieving Your Goals. These tips have stood the test of time and can help you get control of yours.


DOJ dodges.

Website accessibility for individuals covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act has been a contentious topic for several years with courts hearing hundreds of cases on the issue. Don’t expect the lawsuits to end anytime soon as the DOJ Halts Plan to Create Website Accessibility Regulations.  In fact, the halt helps protect small business owners from the rapid rise in ‘website accessibility lawsuits’ – an ADA abuse where unscrupulous attorneys file hundreds of lawsuits against small business owners, often unfamiliar with the regulations, in an attempt to settle out of court for thousands of dollars.  

Website accessibility is important; the rise in ADA serial lawsuits is abuse.  Perhaps the government can find a better way.

The autonomous air taxi has arrived.

In Dubai, an autonomous drone will pick you up and ferry you through the air to your destination. Finally, we get George’s Commute!

See for yourself: