September 15, 2017

STAFFLINK Small Business – Sept 15 – Hurricane Irma HR Tips – Equifax, CyberSecurity & Small Business …

This Week:  StaffLink Offices Open for Business | Handling the Hurricane Aftermath | Epic Equifax Security Fail

StaffLink’s Week Ending September 15 Highlights: Natural and manmade disasters were the focus of much of the nation’s attention this week. Here are some of the week’s top stories about picking up the pieces.  

StaffLink Resumes Full Operations:  Hurricane Irma and its aftermath took many businesses offline or out of service, including STAFFLINK. We are now back and running at full capacity and ready to assist our customers. Call us if you need anything! Our President, Abram Finkelstein shared this message on Thursday, announcing the good news and offering some tips on how to prepare for future storms.

Get Ready, America! wants to help you prepare for whatever the future brings, too. Check out their Business Checklist for hurricane preparedness to get started.

Irma Response Includes Insurance Holds and a Few Breaks From the IRS: This week, Florida Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier issued an emergency order temporarily prohibiting rate increases and policy cancellations by Florida insurers. The Sun Sentinel shared the details and a response from Jeff Grady of the Florida Association of Insurance Agents in its article, State Freezes Insurance Rate Hikes and Cancellations During Hurricane Irma Recovery.

Also this week, in Agencies Give Tax Filing and 401(k) Withdrawal Relief to Hurricane Irma Victims, SHRM reported that the IRS is extending filing and payment deadlines and relaxing some 401(k) lending and distribution requirements to aid businesses and individuals affected by the hurricanes.

Equifax’s Failure to Protect:

In the midst of struggling with nature’s devastation, over 1.4 million individuals and business owners also had to face a manmade catastrophe. TheNextWeb reported the details last Friday in 143 Million US Consumers’ Data Stolen in Equifax Breach. Want to find out if you were affected by the breach? Check your status at Equifax using this link.

The Equifax breach is in part the result of terrible password choices at the company that were easy to hack.  So, this might be a good time to review your passwords. But before you do, read 7 Passwords Not to Use at Your Small Business courtesy of The HartfordView via Inc. (Hint: “Admin” is not an appropriate password.)

An HR’s Work Never Ends: From overtime rules to FEMA guidelines, HR teams have some catching up to do as work resumes. Following a recent court ruling, SHRM asks (and discusses) What’s Next for the Federal Overtime Rule?

Speaking of court rulings, SHRM looked at a case involving the Family and Medical Leave Act to help answer the question, Are Employees Eligible for FMLA Leave During a Natural Disaster? As you probably guessed, the answer is “It’s complicated.”

Florida Recovers and Rebuilds:

Facing hot temperatures, wild weather and ‘gators,’ Floridians are a resilient bunch. As this week’s video demonstrates, the Keys were especially hard hit, but the recovery effort is already under way.