July 14, 2017

STAFFLINK Small Business Update – July 14, 2017 – Workforce and Workplace Stresses | Grammar Matters, and More

This Week

McKinsey Global Institute’s June report reveals a not so sunny outlook on the future of America’s workforce – Harvard Business Review warns us of the perils of burnout – TLNT shares its secrets for building a top performing team – and you can learn how to end your day well and avoid common writing errors too.


McKinsey Global Institute reports that Making it in America is becoming increasingly difficult for some wage earners. There is a growing gap between workers whose incomes support an improving standard of living and those who barely get by.

The report further indicates that U.S. manufacturers have lost their competitive edge and a major restructuring is needed to facilitate a full recovery. McKinsey recommends a reset focusing on reinvesting, retraining, removing barriers, and re-imagining work to turn this tide.

Turning to trends in employment, Harvard Business Review reports that Burnout at Work Isn’t Just About Exhaustion. It’s Also About Loneliness. No, workers aren’t spending too much time alone at work. Instead, they are too tired to engage. Findings indicate that exhausted employees at all levels are pulling back from emotional interaction because of workplace burnout.

What to do about this burgeoning burnout epidemic in the workplace? HBR recommends that employers encourage inclusion and empathy in the workplace, promote opportunities for organizational networking and development, and institute rituals that celebrate teamwork and collaboration.


In 3 Secrets to Building High Performing Teams, TLNT advises empowering high performers and nurturing their potential. Today’s best employees want more than just financial compensation. They want to work in an environment that helps them achieve personal goals and career success.

TLNT also advises hiring managers to take their time when choosing candidates. It is better to wait for the right candidate and experience a little lost productivity today than to choose the wrong hire and endure a lot of lost opportunities tomorrow.


Are grammar mistakes a communications nemesis? You aren’t alone. In 43 Embarrassing Grammar Mistakes Even Smart People Make, Inc. com highlights the top word choice and usage errors that can trip up even a conscientious scribe. For instance, did you know “irregardless” wasn’t a word? If you think you could care less, you’re wrong. You really “couldn’t care less.” And, if you like your coffee brewed strong and served in a tiny cup, that’s an “espresso.” Even if you drink it super fast, it’s still not an “expresso.”

Now that you’ve almost reached the end of this article what will you do to finish out your day? Why not try some of the productivity hacks Entrepreneur has listed in its infographic, How to Spend the Last 10 Minutes of Your Work Day.  Ah, yes, take a deep breath, straighten those paperclips, and say “goodbye.”

But before you go, share a moment of empathy with Jim, Bill and the rest of crew in WS Inet’s video, If Only it Were That Simple. Yeah, if only…