April 28, 2017

STAFFLINK Small Business Week – April 28

On May 1 the USCIS begins issuing a new green card … the House moves to pass a great new FLSA OT rule addition … research reveals 7 reasons business owners should exercise in the morning … a new study shows the average income of Americans by age group … and, an article in Inc. poses 5 important questions businessmen and women should consider when faced at a crossroads … this is the week of April 28, 2017.

Business Insider’s Which Jobs are Most Disproportionately Popular in Every State provides readers a map with the name of the occupation.  The map doesn’t show which vocation is most popular, that would be retail sales in all states, only which jobs are  highly popular, and over-represented in comparison to other states.

In HR, the Washington Examiner reports that May 1 is the day President Trump begins issuing a new green card in his effort to help stem illegal immigration … and, SHRM reports that  a great new addition to the FLSA overtime rule, that allows employees to select time rather than pay for overtime compensation, has moved out of committee, and will soon be scheduled for a vote.  Currently, only government employees have that option.

And, Inc. posted new research on the average income by age group in the U.S. – where do you stack up?

Physical activity stimulates the release of hormones to boost your mood, jumpstart your energy, fight stress and more.  Entrepreneur’s 7 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Start Their Day with Exercise provides findings from several recent studies that can help you improve your health, and work at an optimum level.

In Personal productivity, author Tim Sackett poses the question, “What Are You Doing with Your 30,000 Days?  The article provides a sobering look at the brevity of life, and may inspire you to focus more of that time on what is most important to you …

Are you at a crossroads in your life?  Inc.’s 5 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself is designed to help you simplify and process of selecting the direction that is best for you.

Enjoy Your Weekend.