June 30, 2017

STAFFLINK Small Business Week – June 30 – Inside the Senate’s Healthcare Bill – Ransomware – When Robots Will Beat Humans

This Week in Small Business – The Senate Healthcare Bill … How to Protect Your Company from Ransomware … Why Small Businesses are Outsourcing HR … 7 Scientific Reasons Being a Morning Person is Better … and Apple’s New ‘Apocalypse’ video, voted #1 in the world.

The GOP-controlled Senate delayed a vote on the new healthcare bill until after the holiday in an effort to gather the support they need to pass the legislation.  Will they?  Not sure.  SHRM’s Healthcare Bill review provides a simple, yet very helpful analysis of what’s in the bill, and how it differs from the House version … much has been made of the CBO report that estimated 22 million would lose their insurance if the bill passes; but, Forbes’ ‘The CBO Estimate is Deeply Flawed’ reveals how the report came up with those numbers; why they are flawed; and, how taking some of the politics out of the report can arrive at a much more accurate estimate.

The New York Times published a thorough story about this  week’s massive global ransomware attack, which shut down computers in 39 countries, from the Ukraine to the U.S. Experts consider this a new norm.  But to its credit, the New York Times’  also published ‘How to Protect Your Company from Ransomware‘ – an article that provides sound advice for keeping  small businesses safe in this volatile cyber environment.

SHRM’s ‘CEOs are Losing Sleep’ over the increase in compliance demands reveals the results of a recent study about top executives and the stress effects of increased compliance issues – despite efforts by the Trump administration to roll back some of those regulatory burdens … these compliance struggles, according to a recent post in Inc.,  are one reason increasing numbers of small businesses are outsourcing their HR to PEOs.

To help small business owners know whether outsourcing HR will be profitable to their company, STAFFLINK has developed an HR Assessment that takes just a few minutes, and is free.


In Trends, Business Insider posted ‘When Robots Will Start Taking Beating Humans at Every Task.” The article is the result of a joint study by researchers at Oxford and Yale.

And, in Productivity, science has taken sides in the morning v. evening productivity debate.  Business Insider’s article, ‘7 Science-Backed Benefits of Being a Morning Person unveils research that purports to show why ‘early birds really do get the worm.’

This week’s video was voted the Top video in the world this week by Best Ads on TV.  It’s Apple’s new ‘Apocalypse’ web video (3:14) that tells us  ‘human’ error, not ransomware, may be the globe’s greatest danger.   Enjoy.