December 22, 2017

Tax Overhaul Triggers Optimism | View the New Tax Rates and Brackets | Keeping Company Data Secure

StaffLink’s Week Ending December 22 Highlights

The big news this week was the passage of a major tax overhaul. How are investors, taxpayers, and corporations responding to the new law? You’ll find out in our highlighted articles of the week.

Plus, discover how hackers can trick your company into exposing sensitive data. And finally, just in time for your New Year’s Resolution making, we found articles on improving your exercise routine and your brain’s performance.

A festive response to the passage of the GOP-led tax overhaul.

On Monday, Wall Street hit another record-setting high. As Fox Business reported, the lofty gains were attributed to investor excitement over the lowered corporate tax rates included in the new tax bill. Read the details and what analysts had to say about this latest market spike in Tax plan optimism propels Wall Street to record highs.

It wasn’t just Wall Street investors who were celebrating the new tax bill this week. On Wednesday, CNBC published AT&T, Comcast giving $1,000 bonuses to hundreds of thousands of workers after tax bill. The article quotes representatives from both companies explaining their motivations for the payouts.  

How will the new tax bill affect you?

After weeks of speculation, individual taxpayers can finally begin making their calculations. Forbes contributor Rob Berger gives us the information we need to do the math in The New 2018 Federal Tax Income Brackets and Rates. Under the 2018 tax structure, there are seven individual tax brackets with rates beginning at 10% and capped at 37%.

Education assistance is in and the ACA mandate is out.

Employer-sponsored tuition assistance survived the new tax law but the ACA penalty did not. Beginning in 2019, individuals who fail to purchase health insurance will owe a $0 tax penalty. This move effectively eliminates the ACA’s individual coverage mandate.

These are just a few of the many changes detailed by SHRM’s Stephen Miller in his article, Final Tax Bill Dices and Splices Benefit Changes. Miller’s article is well worth the read. He does an excellent job of identifying the key tax changes that employers will need to contend with in the new year.

Lest you think taxes are all you should be thinking about.

Can cybersecurity ever be far out of mind for modern businesses? Keeping us on our toes is Harvard Business Review’s Eric Cole writing The Most Common Ways You Could Get Tricked into Compromising Company Data. According to Cole, sophisticated phishing emails, infected attachments, and unsecured devices should be on your watch list for 2018.

Getting into shape for whatever the future brings.

Enough about business, let’s talk about you. How can you make the most of your time in 2018? Start with The best workout routine for losing weight- according to an exercise physiologist brought to you by Business Insider’s Zach Williams and Kevin Reilly.

You can enhance your brain workout too. Just follow the advice Forbes contributor Tara Swift shares in 4 Habits You Didn’t Know Were Holding Back Your Brain Performance.

Can you keep a secret?

What would you do if you had the number of a VIP? Would you keep the information to yourself or share it with the world? Watch what happens when someone gets Santa’s number in this ad from Portugal.